Civil Rights/Slavery

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Collection of 12 19th century illustrations from English and French periodicals on slavery in West and East Africa. T

Price: $350.00



Complete issue of La Vie Au Grand Air, May 11, 1907, featuring cover with famed cyclist Major Taylor. Text and photos inside. T

Price: $120.00




Mexican comic book, 1967, Estrellas del Deporte, Ray “Sugar” Robinson. It is about the life of the famed boxer.

Price: $120.00

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Collection of illustrations of slave dhows, 1869-1881, taken from The Graphic and The Illustrated London News. Also included is a map of the sources of slave supply and routes of distribution. T

Price: $150.00



Spectacular fold-out illustration of a slave raid in Central Africa. From the Graphic, September 29, 1888. Size 40x58cm. T

Price: $150.00



1923 Spanish sheet music titled Fox – Shimmy Ku-Klux-Klan, by W. Keppler Lais. Interesting cover. Good condition.

Price: $400.00

Civil RightsCivil Rights

The assasination of Medgar Evers, as illustrated on the back cover of Domenica del Corriere, dated June 30, 1963. Complete issue with mult-page article and numerous photos on race problems in America

Price: $120.00



African money bracelet. Traders used these heavy bracelets in trade for african ivory, gold etc. Produced in Birmingham England in the mid - 1800's. Weight : 5 Ounces.

Price: $30.00



Complete issue of La Domenica del Corriere, February 2, 1930. Cover page devoted to a lynching in Morelos, Mexico.

Price: $60.00



Collection of 9 European chromo cards featuring slavery in both the Americas and Africa. With captions on reverse. Early 20th century. N

Price: $180.00