Prints and Ephemera



French Petite Almanch pour 1937. Size: 3,5x5,5cm. N

Price: $50.00



Advertisement by ”EXTRA” shoe polish by Spanish producer El Calzado. Foldout on reverse showing World War 1 leaders. This includes both items on this theme. Size 7x10.5cm. Rare. N

Price: $700.00

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Rare complete set of 6 Liebig cards produced in 1888 titled "The Negro and the Theft of Liebig".

Price: $250.00

t-peh255 t-peh255a t-peh255b t-peh255c

Two comic books from the Australian publication Withcetty’s Tribe, by Eric Jolliffe. It ran for 43 issues around 1950. The story is about Witchetty and his tribe finding their laughs in odd places in their walkabouts over Australia’s wide open spaces. Pix writes that Joliffe’s drawings “captures for you the hidden humor of (Aborigines) everyday, carefree outback life”.

Price: $180.00



UK poster for London hospitals showing a girl with her Golly doll, c1945. Size 21x30cm.

Price: $150.00



Complete set of 6 confectionary cards by German producer Kemmerich entitled Negroes. C1889. T

Price: $225.00

t-peh180 Boxed set of SNAP!, complete with instructions. Made in England. Only cover is of Diaspora interest

Price: $120.00




October 15, 1944 issue of Belgian periodical Le Moustique. Cover shows a policeman handling a black suspect who is pointing to his armband and stating he is with the white army. Complete.

Price: $60.00




Collection of 8 European and American chromo cards featuring disparaging images of people of African descent. T

Price: $160.00




Set of 4 French cards Les Aventures de “Chocoreve”. T

Price: $50.00