Ephemera and Posters


Collection of 14 18th and early 19th century English engravings of the Kingdom of Kongo. From Dapper, Bankes, De Bry, Millar and others. T

Price: $700.00

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A collection of 83 Belgian African Colonial Lottery tickets from 1959-1962. 28 show scenes of Belgian Congo, remainder show Belgium and allegorical images. T

Price: $350.00



A 1955 36 page tourist brochure for the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Burundi. Loads of detail. T

Price: $15.00



Samples of banknotes from Zaire. 7 different notes available.

Price: $50.00

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Three hand painted greeting cards from the Belgian Congo, signed by the artist. N

Price: $50.00

t-peh215 Complete issue of La Domenica del Corrier, dated Februay 26, 1961. The cover shows the moment of death for Patrice Lumumba. N

Price: $70

t-peh035 Compagnie Commerciale et Agricole du Tanganika CATANIKA. Part de Fondateur. A beautiful piece full of Africans and animals. Issued in Bruselles in 1928. Full coupons, VF

Price: $25

t-peh032 Societe Equatoriale Congolaise Lulonga Ikelemba en Abrege ''Secli''. Issued in 1949 in Belgium

Price: $15

t-peh031 Compagnie du Congo pour Le Commerce & Industrie. Action de capital. 1951

Price: $15

t-peh027 Societe Anonyme des Produits Vegetaux du Haut-Kassai. Issued in 1895 in Belgium. Beautiful vignettes. Coupons

Price: $60