Photo Collections

t-ba091 Press photo from Zaire of soldiers during an uprising. Size 17x13cm. T

Price: $20.00

t-ba090 French press photo of the child of the Chief of Katanga, 1960. T

Price: $25.00

t-ba089 Collection of 10 photos of African priests in the Belgian Congo/Urundi/Rwanda, from 1920’s. Some are named on reverse. T

Price: $300.00

ba087 Five early 20th century photos of natives and colonials in the Belgian Congo. No captions.

Price: $40.00

ba086 ba086a ba086d ba086c

Four large format photos of colonial military. Presenting a medal to a local gendarme, praying in church. Size 18x24cm and 12x18cm. N

Price: $80.00

ba082 A collection of 12 Belgian photo chromo cards by Cote d’Or Choclate on the Belgian Congo. Captions on reverse. T

Price: $120.00

ba081 ba081a ba081b ba081c

Homogeneous collection of 43 photos, mostly snaps, from a missionary working in Leopoldville in the Belgian Congo between 1951 and 1960. Unique photos of the visit of King Beaudoin in 1955, local Christian marriage ceremony, local markets, village life, unusual photo of a truck in some sort of a parade that is advertising local textiles, missionaries leaving for Congo for their second tour. Almost all of the photos contain detailed captions on reverse, dated and location given. A unique collection of photos, especially of the royal visit in 1955. T

Price: $400.00


t-pto303 French press photo of Joseph Kasavubu, first president of Congo-Leopoldville after independence from Belgium. T

Price: $35.00

t-pto277 French press photo of General Eluki Mongo Aundu. N

Price: $30.00

t-pto276 Collection of 9 French press photos of President Mobutu visiting Paris between 1971 and 1980. N

Price: $270.00

t-pto276b t-pto276c t-pto276d t-pto276e