British East / Central Africa



Two complete issues of Le Domenica del Corriere from 1953 featuring the Mau Mau uprising. T

Price: $150.00



February 13, 1885 issue of Le Don Quichotte, featuring Godon-Pacha on the cover. T

Price: $120.00



September 15, 1882 issue of Le Don Quichotte, featuring General Wolseley on the cover. T

Price: $120.00



19th century print of A Melik of the Shegrja tribe in Sudan. Size 15x24cm. Repaired on reverse. T

Price: $20.00

Set of 3 19th century plates on East Africa. Size 24x30cm. T

Price: $150.00

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19th century print. "Preliminaries Ceremonieux de L'Entrevue d'un Chef Negre un Roi Sennarien". Size 33x51cm. T

Price: $120.00



Collection of 9 19th century prints of the people of Rwanda/Burundia and British East Africa. Size 19x28cm. T SOLD

Price: $400.00

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Group of three albums of an Italian who was a prisoner in German East Africa during World War 1 and then located to Kenya. Good quality photos in the main. Rich content showing the Sultan of Zanzibar, Masai life, colonial life, local dancing, local customs. Numerous photos of Tanga showing the Sultan, female prisoners, war damage (Dar-es-Salaam), Bismarck monument, male prisoners at their toilet, European and local dwellings, ascaris on Lake Victoria, the Indian quarter, German troops (ascaris with German officer), German officer at the tennis club, aboard the RN Volturno at Dar-es-Salaam, Masai warriors in (mock?) battle flying the German flag! Nice photos of Mombasa showing reunion of the Europeans, visit of the Governor, Italian tennis club, Italian Consul, etc. Almost all are original non-commercial photos. Two of the three albums contain typed captions. 148 photos in three albums. SOLD

Price: $1400.00

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Nice turn-of-the century large colonial photo from British East Africa. Excellent contrast between colonials and locals. No caption.

Price: $40.00



French press photo of Stephen Smith, a Stanford University student, released in Tanzania, July 26, 1975 after being kidnapped on May 19.

Price: $30.00