British West Africa / Liberia



Complete 1934 issue of La Tribuna Illustrata featuring native boxing in the presence of the Sultan of Sokoto (Northern Nigeria). T

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Illustrations from the Illustrated London News (1902) and Le Petit Journal (1897) on the massacre of the English Mission at Benin and the "Long Ju-Ju" ritual. T

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t-bra073Collection of 4 illustrations of the 1896 Ashanti War. Shows the submission of King Prempeh, King Prempeh's last State Reception, Occupation of Kumasi by British troops and the Procession of the King of Bekwai. T

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t-bra073aNote: The Fourth Anglo-Ashanti War, also known as the "Second Ashanti Expedition", was brief, lasting only from December 1895 to February 1896. The Ashanti turned down an unofficial offer to become a British protectorate in 1891, extending to 1894. The British also wanted to establish a British resident in Kumasi but the Ashanti King Prempeh refused to surrender his sovereignty. Wanting to keep French and German forces out of Ashanti territory (and its gold), the British were anxious to conquer the Ashanti once and for all. The Ashanti sent a delegation to London offering concessions on its gold, cocoa and rubber trade as well as submission to the crown. The British however had already made its mind up on a military solution, they were on their way, the delegation only returning to Kumasi a few days before the troops marched in.

t-bra073bColonel Sir Francis Scott left Cape Coast with the main expeditionary force of British and West Indian troops, Maxim guns and 75mm artillery in December 1895, and travelling along the remnants of the 1874 road arrived in Kumasi in January 1896. Major Robert Baden-Powell led a native levy of several local tribes in the campaign. The Asantehene directed the Ashanti not to resist, but casualties from sickness among the British troops were high. Soon, Governor William Maxwell arrived in Kumasi as well. Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh was unable or unwilling to pay the 50,000 ounces of gold so was arrested and deposed. He was forced to sign a treaty of protection, and with other Ashanti leaders was sent into exile in the Seychelles.

Baden-Powell published a diary of life giving the reasons, as he saw them, for the war: To put an end to human sacrifice, to put a stop to slave-trading and raiding,t-bra073c to ensure peace and security for the neighbouring tribes, to settle the country and protect the development of trade and to get paid up the balance of the war indemnity. He also believed that if a smaller force had been sent, there would have been bloodshed.

The British force left Kumasi on 22 January 1896, arriving back at the coast two weeks later. Not a shot had been fired but 18 Europeans were dead and 50% of the troops were sick. Among the dead was Queen Victoria's son-in-law, Prince Henry of Battenberg, who was taken ill before getting to Kumasi and died on 20 January on board ship, returning to England. In 1897 Ashanti territory became a British protectorate.



1894 large illustration from The Graphic of the Fighting on the Gambia: The Naval Brigade under Captain Gamble, Retreating to their Boats at Mandini Creek. Size 40x58cm. T

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Collection of 33 18th and early 19th century Italian, Dutch, French and English engravings of the Slave Coast of Africa. From Moore, Middleton, Marchais, Barbot, Banks, Smith and others. T

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19th century stereocard on native fishing habits on the Anambna River in Nigeria. T

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Nigerian daily life is the subject of this 6 postcard collection. T

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Four photos taken in the 1930’s by L. Fagan of Houghton, New York of a village in Nigeria. Shown are kings Limba and Time, the house of the native chief, entrance to the village and a native bridge. T

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African money bracelet. Traders used these heavy bracelets in trade for african ivory, gold etc. Produced in Birmingham England in the mid - 1800's. Weight : 5 Ounces.

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t-bra043Africa 1860-1861- Map, documentation and letters from the Spanish Consul in Sierra Leone Themes include: Sending a cheetah for the King of Spain, Story of a strange light phenomenon in the sea, History of colonization of Sierra Leone, Settlements: Freetown, Maroon Town, Settler Town, Religious customs. Ethnic groups, Freed slaves, Manuscript map of the African northwest coast. 

Original and unpublished documents. 7 in total.

1st Document (45x33cms - Size double folio, large, folded in half, written on both sides).

Theme: History and settlements in Sierra Leone

2nd Document (40x31cms - Size two pages, folded in half, written on both sides).

Subject: Description of settlements in Sierra Leone: Oddities religious, ethnic groups, settlers. History.t-bra043a

3rd document : (40x31cms - Size two pages, folded in half, written on both sides). Good conservation. Entitled " Phosphorescence of the Sea "

4th Document : (43,5x32cms - Size two pages, folded in half, written on both sides). Good conservation.

Compilation of several letters. Dated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1861, while the consul was recovering from an illness. Sent to his superiors: Hon. Mr. Saturnino Calderon Collantes .; Ilsm.Sr. Manuel Pardo .; Hon. Mr. Thomas Asarri

5th Document: (42x27cms - Size two pages, folded in half, written on both sides). Good conservation.

Personal nature long letter to his wife.

Document 6: (Small sheet 16x11cms - In English)

Hours crossings between ports, connection: Liverpool, Madeira, Tenerife, Gambia, Sierra Leone.

7 Document (45x33cms - Size two pages, folded in half). Regular conservation, bending and fatigue in the wings. Manuscript map. Dated 1860. Reverse: Small manuscript map of the Canary Islands.

Front: manuscript map African coast. From Cape Boujdour, to Sierra Leone.

Cabos (Boujdour, Rio do Ouro, Cape Blanco, Cape Verde, Cape Roxo, Cape Verga) Islands (Cape Verde, Bissagos Islands) Territories (Sahara, Senegal, Gambia and Sierra Leone): many references are cited. Many rivers.

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