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Spanish comic book Vidas Ejemplares, The Martyrs of Uganda, 1960.

Price: $90.00



Spanish comic book Vidas Ilustres, The Jungle of David Livingstone, 1958.

Price: $90.00

t-afg078 Complete set of 12 Spanish chromo cards titled Un Dificil Rescate. They were issued by Chocolatees Bubi. The story is about the rescuing of some white children by African savages. Three children fly to Africa to offer the savages gifts of Chocolate Bubi. They become wild with joy and the story ends happily.

Price: $120.00


Out of Print Book

Les Ethiopiques - ou l'on parle de la rencontre de corto Maltese et de son ami Cush, et de leurs aventures au pays de l'Encens, du santal et du mimosa . The Ethiopians - A Storybook by Hugo Pratt. 102 Pages

By: Hugo Prarr
Publisher / Editor: Casterman
Dated: 1978 (Softback)
Language French


Price: $120.00

t-afc011 Small Spanish booklet Aventuras Aereas a traves del Africa, by Chocolates Torras. 32 pages. 6x9cm. N

Price: $200.00

t-afc010 Large 19th century advert by Au Bon Marche using an African theme. Size 15x21cm. Corner bent. T

Price: $40.00

t-afc009 Complete set of 12 Spanish chromos titled Aventuras de Dick en Africa Central. No. 3.T

Price: $120.00


Complete set of 16 cards of the Spanish set Historia del Negro Mandinga, produced by chocolatier Vda. De Juan Guardo. Very rare.

Price: $800.00




Rare 1920’s Italian childrens album Enciclopedia dell’Intrepido Albo Secondo Figuine dei Costumi Contemporanei dell ‘Africa. All 120 chromos are present and have descriptions. In remarkable condition.

Price: $1200.00

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Complete set of 22 Spanish chromo cards by chocolatier Solsona titled La Flecha Aerea, c1950. It is about a boy who builds a ship to take him to another planet where the inhabitants are African-like.

Price: $290.00