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t-afc011 Small Spanish booklet Aventuras Aereas a traves del Africa, by Chocolates Torras. 32 pages. 6x9cm. T

Price: $200.00

t-afc010 Large 19th century advert by Au Bon Marche using an African theme. Size 15x21cm. Corner bent. T

Price: $40.00

t-afc009 Complete set of 12 Spanish chromos titled Aventuras de Dick en Africa Central. No. 3.T

Price: $120.00


Complete set of 16 cards of the Spanish set Historia del Negro Mandinga, produced by chocolatier Vda. De Juan Guardo. Very rare.

Price: $800.00




Rare 1920’s Italian childrens album Enciclopedia dell’Intrepido Albo Secondo Figuine dei Costumi Contemporanei dell ‘Africa. All 120 chromos are present and have descriptions. In remarkable condition.

Price: $1200.00

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t-afg080 t-afg080a t-afg080b t-afg080c

Complete set of 22 Spanish chromo cards by chocolatier Solsona titled La Flecha Aerea, c1950. It is about a boy who builds a ship to take him to another planet where the inhabitants are African-like.

Price: $290.00

t-afg079 Mexican comic book, 1971, titled El Fantistico Lago Tchad.

Price: $90.00

t-afg070 t-afg070a t-afg070b

Early 20th century complete set of 30 Spanish chromo cards entitled Aventuras Aereas a Traves del Africa. It is a fantasy theme of the exploration of an American from Arkansas named Dr. Isaac Peters in Africa. Story is told on reverse.

Price: $500.00

fa075 Complete set of 24 Spanish confectionary cards of unknown manufacture entitled Un Viaje Al Africa. Very good condition. NN

Price: $480.00

t-afc008 Complete set of 24 Spanish chromo cards entitled Un Capitan de Quince Anos. An African adventure story, with narrative on back. N

Price: $280.00