European Popular Culture


Italian fascist childrens game LA GUERRA D'ETIOPIA by Santagostino. Measuring 70x48cm. 1936. N

Price: $600.00



Complete issue of Les Hommes du Jour from November 14, 1935 with the cover caption Sauf Erreur, Cet Abyssin, quell lache!.

Price: $70.00



Two very rare set of postcards by Aurelio Bertiglia on the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. N

Price: $100.00



Complete set of 6 postcards by Aurelio Bertiglia on the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. N

Price: $200.00

Note: Aurelio Bertiglia was born in Turin, 23 June 1891. He was an illustrator, commercial artist, caricaturist, graphic designer (musical scores, commercial and publicity graphics), fashion designer and painter. Mainly self-taught, from the age of fourteen he was very active in producing postcards and he also worked for German publishers. Postcards: several series of children, several series of little women and during 1915 - 1918 several anti-Austrian caricatures. What is interesting is that in World War 1 he did anti-German art and then reversed in World War 2.

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Incomplete set of Spanish confectionary cards entitled Guerra Italo-Abisinia. 32 cards in all, described on reverse. A very rare set. N

Price: $900.00



Complete issue of La Domenica del Corriere, January 29, 1950. Cover page devoted to the terrorism in Eritrea against Italians.

Price: $60.00




Complete set of 6 Liebeg trade cards entitled Flora and Fauna of Ethiopia. 1950.

Price: $90.00


Collection of 6 Liebig trade cards on the two Italian wars in Ethiopia.

Price: $150.00

t-pc158album Voyage Autour du Monde Oceanie


French sticker album Voyage Autour du Monde Oceanie, by Choclate Casino. 249/250 stickers present. Covers Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand as well as Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Well described. 1950's

Price: $300.00

t-apc031 Guerra Italo Etiopie


Rare and complete collection of 24 Spanish trade cards by Chocolate Comet-Figueras entitled Guerra Italo Etiopie, Series A. All described on back. C1938. NN

Price: $900.00