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Official report given to the League of Nations by Italy on September 28, 1935……less than two weeks before the invasion. Contains the summation of Italian claims, showing photographic evidence of Ethiopian cruelty, map showing Ethiopias historic border and recent conquests. It is the complete dossier filed with the League of Nations. There is the official report, the over 230 supporting documents and a book of photos. Rare. N

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t-opb294 Italian comic book TED. This issue is entitled Avventura in Abissinia. C1940. N

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La Colonia Eritrea. Condizioni e Problemi. Societa Italiana per il Progresso delle Scienze. Fascicolo 1. A. Omodeo, V. Peglion, G. Valenti. 1913.

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Italia Inghilterra Etiopia. Virginio Gayda. 1936.

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L'Abissinia e Noi,Fasci Italiani All'Estoro.

Tipografia Regionale - Roma 1935

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Very rare bound volume of LA TRIBUNA ILLUSTRATO DELLA DOMENICA, for the year 1896. It is loaded with the Italian campaign in Ethiopia. This journal only existed for a few years. Each issue was 8 pages, with the front and back covers color illustrated. A rare find. Covers the period from April 5 to December 27. 39 issues in all.

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Societe des Nations - Communication Du Gouvernement Italien 1936. Atrocites Commises Par Abyssins Sur Des Ouvriers Italiens. 

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t-opb276Complete 1895 and 1896 volumes of Le Petit Parisien Illustre. All 52 weekly issues are present in each issue. t-opb276aSolid coverage of the failed Italian incursion into Abyssinia.

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Note: From 1895 to 1896, the First Italian-Abyssinian War was fought between the Kingdom of Italy and the Ethiopian Empire (Abyssinia). Unlike most of Africa, Ethiopia was able to avoid being conquered by the European powers. In 1895, Italian armed forces invaded Ethiopia from Eritrea but because Ethiopia had established a single and incorporated army and broke ethnic barriers to unite the country, the Italian regular forces were decisively defeated within a year at the Battle of Adwa.

The Italians suffered about 7,000 killed and 1,500 wounded in the battle and subsequent retreat back into Eritrea, with 3,000 taken prisoner;t-opb276b Ethiopian losses have been estimated around 4,000–5,000 killed and 8,000 wounded. In addition, 2,000 Eritrean askaris were killed or captured. t-opb276cItalian prisoners were treated as well as possible under difficult circumstances, but 800 captured askaris, regarded as traitors by the Ethiopians, had their right hands and left feet amputated. Of the three generals commanding the Italian columns, two were killed and one was captured.

Menelik retired in good order to his capital, Addis Ababa, and waited for the fallout of the victory to hit Italy. The casualty rate suffered by Italian forces at the Battle of Adwa was greater than any other major European battle of the 19th century, beyond even the Napoleonic Era's infamous Waterloo and Eylau. Riots broke out in several Italian cities, and within two weeks,t-opb276d the Crispi government collapsed amidst Italian disenchantment with "foreign adventures".

Menelik secured the Treaty of Addis Ababa in October, which strictly delineated the borders of Eritrea and forced Italy to recognize the independence of Ethiopia. t-opb276eDelegations from the United Kingdom and France—European powers whose colonial possessions lay next to Ethiopia—soon arrived in the Ethiopian capital to negotiate their own treaties with this newly proven power.

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L' Agricoltura Coloniale. Istituto Agricolo coloniale Italiano Firenze

Luglio - Agosto 1931

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Aspetti Economici Dell' Etiopia. Istituto per gli studi di politica internazionale

Problemi Del Giorno 1935

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