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Two large format photos of the dismantling of an obelisk in Addis Abeba during the Italian occupation of Ethiopia. Size 17x23cm. T

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Homogeneous collection of large format photos taken by a soldier in Addis Ababa. Shown are the destruction of the obelisk raised by Emperor Menelik following the Italian defeat at Adwa, General Graziana in front of the obelisk before its destruction, view from the imperial residence, vista from a named Amba, soldiers inside the palace, local café-bar, cathedral at Asmara. 21 photos, almost all with descriptions on reverse.

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Homogeneous collection of 20 photos from a soldier based in Eritrea in 1929. Shown are Italians celebrating Ramadan, Governor Gaspirini inaugurating a new school, hanging a rebel, local village life, etc. Hand written captions on reverse.

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Large early 20th century photo by Bazalli of Italian dignitaries dining in Asmara, Eritrea.

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t-aph171t-aph171aWell captioned collection of 113 photos of the Italian invasion and occupation of Ethiopia. Shown are passing through the Suez Canal and disembarking from the “Lombardia”, General Somma at Mai Dandera, soldiers mixing with the local population, soldiers at Decamere returning from Dessie, Adrigat, Corbaria (Eritrea), Decamere, Italian field hospital at Dir Dawa, soldiers flirting with local females, senior officers and askaris at Fort Baldisera near Asmara (Eritrea), Nefasit, local Ethiopian warriors, hunting, Ethiopian dead after the battle of Mai Ceu, Italian funeral at Ende Chercof, Amba Aradam, Passo Toselli, panorama of Senefe, hanging a local fighter at Debra Sina, life in Addis Abeba, soldiers with native Galla warriors at Torrente, rare photo of the wife of Ras Desta with her slaves, an Italian general with locals, a dead officer, field Mass, military camp at Quoram, Blackshirt Centurion Mariotti, trucks of the 22nd battalion Artieri Comando,t-aph171bt-aph171c government press, making gravestones for fallen soldiers, fascist monument to Toselli at Amba Alagi, local population, Ethiopian prisoners taken after battle, local non-military population of Asmara, Italian fort, Italian supply convoy, local markets, different military cemeteries, Italian machine gun unit, serving spaghetti in camp, Ethiopian children giving the fascist salute, local sellers, indigenous life at Mai Ceu, local farming, view of Macalle, truck drivers, capture/interrogating Degiac Tactu (a Degiac commanded a regiment of 2000-3000), rare photo pf the Princess of Piemont visiting a hospital in Gondar, destruction at Mai Enda Baria, rare photo of the home of the sister of Emperor Menelik, local fantasia by virgins, flirting with local women, rare photo an Ascari honor guard awaiting the arrival of the Bishop.t-aph171dt-aph171eLieutenant Colonel Ferrati greeting nurses, Italian General studying map of the area, rare image of local militia capturing a local bandit during the Tucci expedition, Captain Tucci, transporting ascaris by truck, nice photo of Italian infantryman (not CCNN), photo of colonial administrator aboard ship, nice photo of a blackshirt Settore V (section), official aerial photo of an Autogruppo at Dire Dawa, Gondar market, soldiers in the field, nice photo of Italians and Ethiopians following a Coptic festival at Gondar, funeral of a fascist at Massawa in 1939, artillery officer, a Lieutenant Colonel aboard the “Pisa”, senior officers at Kirin, Italian grave used for target practice by the Englis, festival at Gondar, 2 press photos of the XXII Automobilistico, much more.

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Collection of 21 photos from an Italian soldier witness to the aftermath of the Gondrand Massacre, Shows the capture and hanging of some of those responsible. Some captions.

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Note: The Gondrand Massacre was the worst single case of emasculation by the Ethiopians in the War. In February, 1936, on the eve of the Second Battle of Tembien, a camp of civilian workers for the logistics company Gondrand, engaged at the time in road construction in northern Ethiopia, was attacked and all 74 workers were killed. t-aph170bThe Ethiopians mutilated some of the bodies, which the Italians then used for propaganda purposes to counteract the accusations by the Ethiopians of Red Cross camps being bombed from the air. Less than a fortnight earlier, the Italians began using poison gas, the excuse being the torture and mutilation of pilot Tito Minniti. The massacre at Gondrand was used as further evidence of similar behavior by the Ethiopians and photos were sent to the League of Nations.



Photo of a tank corp guard. Size 13x17cm.

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Luce press photo of Marshall Graziani as Viceroy of AOI, inspecting iron ore. Size 13x13cm.

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t-aph166t-aph166aCollection of 142 military photos from the 1935/36 invasion of Ethiopia. Shown are the capture of an Ethiopian warlord in handcuffs, Ethiopian dead, handcuffed prisoners, Italian battery in action, rare photo of award presentation at a soccer match in Addis Abeba, charred corpses, mutilation, local markets, negotiating a river passage, askaris setting up camp, askaris celebrating a victory, soldiers flirting with local females, an Italian machine gun unit, setting up a field hospital, serving spaghetti in camp, camp entertainment, an Italian fort on the frontier, Coptic art, extremely rare photo of destroyed Italian light tanks (which only happened once in the war), hanging prisoners, soldiers playing with children, occupation of Addis Abeba (showing some destruction), hunting with locals, rare photos of Askaris advancing under artillery fire, rare photos of Askaris machine gun company preparing to deploy and deployed, camels under Italian guard, Italians making bricks, fascist monument, Italian fortified tower in Addis Abeba, rare photo of tank corps, destruction of enemy property, Haile Selasie Gugsa with senior Italian officers, t-aph166bt-aph166cGeneral of Regie Aeronatica, cavalry captain, supply convoy, officers with wives (rare as wives prevented career advancement under Mussolini), Marshall Badoglio, rare photo of monoplane over Gondar fortress, local market at Cheren, destroyed building, cemetery for the Black Shirt Division “1st February”, nice photo of General Biroli, rare photos of a high ranking General decorating an Alpini officer, rare photos of a General and staff entering an Ethiopian village and meeting with local administration, a General and his staff at Fort Azzi, rare photo of Ethiopian militia fighting for the Italians, nice photo of Askaris breaching a hill, local dwellings on the outskirts of Addis Abeba, rare photo of victorious Ethiopian army entering a town (as this is taken by an Italian photographer he must have surrendered shortly before), and more. No captions.

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t-aph165 Complete booklet of 30 photos of Eritrea and Tigrai. N

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