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Collection of 10 snaps from a soldier in Ethiopia. Shown are the market in Adi Ugri, unknown small Italian cemetery, local tuculs, getting water on the Tacazi river, rare photo of a column of Libyans, very rare photo of an Italian aircraft circling a military camp, Coptic procession in front of the Italians. Some captioned. N

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t-aph219t-aph219aA photo collection from the war in Ethiopia. A very rare photo of Ras Gugsa “just captured”, rare photos of Ras Gugsa’s army (note the one soldier with the uniform of the Imperial Guard), rare photo of ascaris Zaptie (carabinieri), rare photo of the fort of Raz Immizu (sp?), photos of local daily life in Addis Abeba, surrounding countryside, fascist monuments in the hinterland, Italian cemetery at Tembien, structure of Addis Abeba, very rare photo of an Italian airfield, Italians mixing with locals, burning village, obelisk in Addis Abeba (before it was removed), rare photo of Penne di falco with Italian officers and local raz, Italian shooter and machine gunner in action, military convoy, bringing in a dead Ethiopian, administering punishment to an ascaris, Italian officers and their child mascot and bare breasted mistress, Italian soldiers parading, nice group photo of ascaris and their Italian officer, rare photo of parade in Addis Abeba with Italian marines with ascaris band, local governor, meeting of Italian officers and an Ethiopian noble, rare photo of Starachi with locals, Gondrand massacre, conversion of the Emperors palace to Italian use, HQ of the 22nd Battalion of the 3rd Legion, Italian redoubt, officer of a camel corps, snaps of Haile Selassie, much more. 214 photos in all, some captioned. N SOLD

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t-aph218t-aph218aPhoto collection from the war in Ethiopia. Shown are ascaris buying at a local market, the church in Barentu, soldiers posing for a photo while crossing a river, monument to Menelik (before its destruction), nice photo of Italian army train at Addis Abeba station, Italians mixing with locals, burying comrades, destruction from the Negus’ army, injuries to local population, bazaar at Adi Ugri, victims of Gondrand massacre, catholic mass at camp, mascal, Italian officer and his ascaris in the field, captured Ethiopian chief and ascaris interpreter, nice photo of Italians with local muslims during Ramadan, Italian grave in 1938, camp fun, ascaris at local market in Macalle, market in Dessie, arab home in Dessie, outskirts of Harar, bush fire set by the Italians, Menelik’s ghebi in Addis Abeba, Coptic funeral, photos of groups of tukuls, Coptic procession with Italians and ascaris in attendance, Passo Alamata, Somali fantasia, Italians with their wine, Ethiopian flower girls holding flags and advertising, Italian field camp, old ruins, Italians mixing with locals. Local pipers at Tembien, embarking from the Dire Daua train station, auto column crossing a river, Ethiopian army coming in, the closeness of Italian officers and their ascaris, local parade in Addis Abeba, occupation of Western Ethiopia, Italian with an ascari he met in Libya in 1911 and decorated on September 20 and now his servant, nice photo of an Italian survivor of Adua and a veteran of the Eritrean colony, much more. 66 photos, all captioned. SOLD

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Small photo collection of Assab and surrounding area by an Italian soldier. Assab was the first Italian toe-hold in Eritrea. 16 photos. N SOLD

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Nice photo collection from an Italian fighting in Ethiopia. Mostly showing Italians and locals mixing, comradery between the Italians and ascaris, nice photos of local people in every day situations as well. 20 photos, no captions. N SOLD

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5 snaps of 3 different Italian military cemeteries in Ethiopian. One of them is devoted to ascaris fallen. N SOLD

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Photo collection from an Italian soldier named G. Delofer while on campaign in Ethiopia from October 1935 to January 1936. Great detailed photos identifying forward defensive positions, camel column at Agulia, rare photo of Azibu Galla under arms, Amba Audiel, great shot of cavalry parked before advancing on Adi Boughe, battle hardened veterans advancing, more. 13 snaps, most captioned. N

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Two large photos of Asmara in 1898 and Batteria Assante around the same time and place. N

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Rare photo collection of a Somali cavalry unit (Penne di Falco) taken by Tenente Florio in 1939. Shown with the signature hawks feather in their tarbuche they are shown with their commanding Italian officer near Gondar. Nice photo of a father and son enlisted in the same unit, entering Dessie, hunting down renegades in Kas-Kas and other areas between October 1938 and January 1939. 11 photos, all captioned. SOLD

Price: $500.00

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t-aph211t-aph211aRare photo of Emperor Lig Iyasu with his father Negus Michael. Lig Iyasu was the grandson of Menelik II and designated heir upon Menelik’s death. He only reigned for 33 months but was never crowned emperor due to his deep connections with the muslim population. He was overthrown and fled to the Afar region. After 5 years on the run he was imprisoned. Lij Iyasu's death was announced shortly before the battle of Maychew. It was one of several reasons given for the uprising among the Raya and Azebo people of Wello who repeatedly attacked the Emperor and the Imperial army as they retreated from their defeat at Maychew. The circumstances of his death are a complete mystery. The passage of time, and the death of almost everyone who was in the position to know at the time may mean that this will be an enduring mystery. The date and cause of death were never made public and his place of burial have never been revealed. Rumours and legends abound, but none are backed by firm evidence. It is said that just weeks before the announcement of his death, Italian planes had dropped leaflets over Desse and Addis Ababa stating that Italy was there to remove the usurper from the throne and restore the rightful monarch Iyasu V to the throne of Solomon. Could this have hastened the death of Lij Iyasu? It may very well have. N

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