Postcard Collections



Artistic rendition postcard of Abyssian cavalry, 1890. T

Price: $30.00



Collection of 7 Italian propaganda postcards supporting the war effort in Ethiopia. T

Price: $490.00

t-ieapc068 Collection of 13 Italian fascist structures in Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland (which do not exist now). One postcard is repaired with acid-free tape. SOLD

Price: $390.00

t-ieapc066 t-ieapc066a t-ieapc066b

Collections of Italian colonial postcards showing Italian architecture and structures in Asmara, capital of Eritrea, in the 1930’s. Other Eritrean cities include Adi Ugri, Cheren, Agordat and Barentu. 41 pieces in all. SOLD

Price: $820.00

t-ieapc066c t-ieapc066d t-ieapc066e t-ieapc066f



Set of 6 childrens missionary postcards Fanciullezza Missionaria. SOLD

Price: $130.00

t-ieapc101t-ieapc101aFold-out postcard published by the Federazione Italiana Nazionale Fascista per la Lotta Contro la Tubercolosi showing different types of colonial troops. N

Price: $40.00



Set of 6 childrens propaganda postcards. N

Price: $180.00

14 colonial postcards showing Coptic, catholic and primitive churches in Ethiopia and Eritrea. SOLD

Price: $280.00

t-ieapc099 t-ieapc099a t-ieapc099b



2 commemorative fold-out postcards published in 1906 commemorating the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Abyssinia. SOLD

Price: $90.00



7 fascist patriotic postcards supporting the war effort in Ethiopia. N

Price: $210.00



Fold-out of 32 photo images of Ethiopia. SOLD

Price: $290.00



Collection of 9 postcards of camel culture in Eritrea during the Italian Occupation. T

Price: $180.00