Prints and Ephemera


1941 1st South african entertainment union program, Addis Abeba, ETHIOPIA. Some water damage.

Price: $150.00

1937 Italian childrens education game RADIO QUESTIONARIO by HELDA. Complete and quite rare in this condition.

Price: $700.00

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Printed on July 25, 1944, one year after the fall of Fascism, published by the British Ministry of Information in Eritrea, signed by the Italian National Liberation Committee, the flyer / poster is interesting in that it contains the calendar of events that will lead to Liberation. In good state of conservation exept for some moisture damage. Measures 43x34cm.

Price: $190.00



Italian manifesto relating to the valor shown at Amba Alagi in 1895. Size 20.5x32cm.

Price: $110.00

Four issues of Il Travaso delle idee from 1935 and 1936, with political satire relating to Ethiopia on the cover.

Price: $400.00

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Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea. 8 frangrant sheets. Like new. Measure cm 10.5 x 7.

Price: $100.00


1932 letter from the head of the port authority at Massaua. N

Price: $20.00



1936 Italian childrens game “La Conquista Dell’Abissinia” by Carb Erba. Size: 55 x 39cm. N

Price: $400.00

1936 Italian childrens game “La Conquista Dell’Abissinia” By A. Sutter, Genoa. Complete in every sense, including cover packet, paper dice and playing pieces. Never used. Rare in this condition. N

Price: $800.00

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Il Manifesto Scolastico Settimanale. April 19, 1936 poster Il Tricolore a Gondar e sul Lago Tana. SOLD

Price: $400.00