Prints and Ephemera



Two elastolin figures produced during the Ethiopia invasion, one is an Eritrean ascari and the other is and Ethiopian soldier. 70mm and perfectly preserved. Rare.

Price: $250.00

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Advertising bulletin for J. Francis Mores, Africa’s Gifted Baritone. Born of Ethiopian and Arabic parents, this bulletin announces his performance at Wigmore Hall, London. He performed with the Pekin Stock Company (Chicago) and the Royal Sun Company. T

Price: $90.00



19th century plate of Prestor John. Foxing. Size 28x42cm. T

Price: $60.00



Two early 19th century plates of the Ethiopian race. Size 17x29cm. T

Price: $100.00



18th century plate of Greek inscription on a stelae in Axum. Size 22x30cm. T

Price: $60.00



Blackie and Son illustration of the “Ethiopian Race”, which are anything but Ethiopian. Late 19th century. Size 29x38cm. T

Price: $60.00



Complete October 19, 1935 issue of L’Illustration, with cover page showing the general mobilization in Addis Abeba. T

Price: $70.00

Collection of 15 cover pages from various Italian newspapers: Italia Nuova (Settimanale Fascista), Il Secolo La Sera, Gazetta del Popolo della Sera, Gazetta del Popolo, La Stampa, and Corriere Della Sera. All covering the invasion of Ethiopia. T

Price: $450.00

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Rare issue of Corriere dell’Impero, published in Asmara, July 1936. A special edition dedicated the “heroic fascist airforce”. Complete. Fold splits. T

Price: $90.00



Collection of 6 cover pages from Corriere D’America and Il Progresso Italo-Americano, both published in New York, with headlines on the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. T

Price: $200.00

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