German Africa



1891 complete issue of Le Petit Journal on of the destruction of the German expedition in German East Africa (with text above). T

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Large postcard format advertising for the German Marianhiller Mission. Size 10.5x15cm.

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t-ga047 t-ga047a t-ga047b

Group of 24 early 20th century German childrens punch-out cards on German Colonial Marines. Nice graphics on the Africa cards.

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Collection of 11 vintage German confectionary cards on German colonies in Africa. T

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t-ga045 Two photos of the Kalahari by Ottilie Nitzche – Joseph Reiter of Windhoek. N

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t-ga044 A collection of 8 German and Spanish chromo cards on German Africa. Mainly military. Captions on reverse. Early 20th century. T

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Collection of 18 vintage postcards on German South-West Africa. Nice mix between native and colonial. N

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ga037A collection of 17 French press photos on Namibia from 1976-1989. ga037aShown are Klemens Kapuuo, leader of the delegation of the Hereros and the constitutional conference in Windhoek; meeting of the Union of Namibian Workers in the apartment of the Lutheran pastor Katutura; electioneering in Windhoek in 1978, SWAPO meetin after the arrest of Tjongarero, demonstrations in London supporting SWAPO, police breaking up a demonstration in Windhoek, photos of E.H.L Christy, Daniel Tjongarero, and M. A. Kloppers, the South African army in Ovamboland near the Angola border, weapons andcommunist literature captured by the ga037bSouth African army battling SWAPO, the return of 8 South African prisoners from Angola, Namibians celebrating the victory of SWAPO in 1989. Nga037c

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ga037d ga037e ga037f ga037g


Collection of 6 vintage German propaganda cards relating to their possessions in Africa and most notably German South West Africa (Namibia).

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Back cover page of a 1904 issue of Le Petit Journal featuring a Herrero attack on the Windhoek garrison. T

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