German Africa



Complete set of 6 cards on German South West Africa by Erdal Kwak.

Price: $120.00



Complete set of 6 cards on German East Africa by Erdal Kwak.

Price: $120.00



Complete set of 6 cards on Togo and Cameroun by Erdal Kwak.

Price: $120.00



Rare German chromo album Deutschlands Kolonien. Band I: Deutsch-Ostafrika. Deutsch-Südwestafrika.All 100 chromos present.

Price: $700.00

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Compete set of 6 cards on Kameroun by German chocolate producer Stollwerck.

Price: $300.00

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Rare German chromo album “Mit Schomburgk quer durch Afrika”, 1933 by Klipps Kaffee of Bremen. All 100 chromos are present. SOLD

Price: $600.00

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Rare German chromo album “Deutschlands Kolonien” by Sidol–Bilderdienst of Cologne, 1938. All 72 chromos present.

Price: $720.00

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Two German anti-British postcards from World War 1 satirizing Britain’s use of colonial troops. T

Price: $70.00



1890 Punch cartoon showing Germany condoning slavery in its African colonies. With text. T

Price: $30.00



A wonderful illustration of the 17th century meeting of Gold Coast chief Janke and Frederick William, Great Elector of Brandenburg. From The Sphere, October 16, 1909. Size 42 x 60cm. Some tears in the centre fold, easily repaired. T

Price: $100.00