Madagascar / Indian Ocean


A collection of 6 illustrations from French and English periodicals during the period immediately preceeding French aggression, 1883-1889. T

Price: $200.00

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1883 Punch cartoon on the lack of English interest in the island compared to the French. It is titled “The New Hova-Ture”. T

Price: $25.00


Collection of 7 illustrations from the Illustrated London News that were sketched at the time of the British Mission to the island in 1862/1863. T

Price: $210.00

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Collection of 8 illustrations from French periodicals on the French incursion into Madagascar in 1895.T

Price: $260.00

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Collection of illustrations from French, Italian, German and English 19th century periodicals on Madagascar royalty. Shown are Queen Ranavalona III, Radama II, Queen Rasoherina and other royalty. 13 illustrations. T

Price: $420.00

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1869 fold out illustration from the London Illustrated News on the coronation of the queen of Madagascar. Size: 27 x 40cm. T

Price: $90.00



Two 19th century prints of Radama II and the queen of Madagascar. Some light foxing. Size: 22 x 32cm. T

Price: $100.00

Collection of 13 early postcards on life in the smaller towns of Tulear, Andovoranto and Ivondro.T

Price: $260.00

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Collection of 32 mostly early 20th century French postcards on the colonial presence in Madagascar. Good mix of topo, architecture, daily life and mixing with the local inhabitants. T

Price: $640.00

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Group of 15 French post/confectionary cards on Madagascar issued in the early 20th century.T

Price: $300.00

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