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Card Collection Madagascar / Indian OceanCard Collection Madagascar / Indian Ocean


This is a collection of 20 different vintage postcards on the Betsileo people of the Southern Madagascar Plateau. Good ethnographic content mixed with missionary activities. 'Betsileo' means 'The Many Invincible Ones'. The Betsileo speak a dialect of Malagasy, derived from the Barito lanuguages spoken in Borneo. Shown are Types, hairstyles, cow fighting sport, local villages, drawing water, community work

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Collection of 18 vintage postcards issued by French missionary societies operating in Madagascar. Shows missionary activities and local population.

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A collection of 7 vintage colonial postcards issued by Roman Catholic missionary socieites operating in French Congo. T

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A collection of 6 vintage postcards of missionaries active in Senegal. Some show indigenous clergy. For some reason, of all French African colonies, Senegal (along with Mali) have the fewest number of postcards of missionary societies. T

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