Ruanda / Burundi

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Homogeneous collection of 20 large format vintage photographic postcards of the Banya-Bongo people of Kivu. T

Price: $400.00

t-pto337 French press photo of French paratroopers in Kigali, October 1990, supervising the evacuation of foreign residents.

Price: $30.00

t-pto300 6 French press photos of the African Summit in Burundi in 1984. All described. T

Price: $150.00

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Four French press photos of Rwanda president Juvenal Habyarimana 1974-1984. N

Price: $140.00



A 1955 36 page tourist brochure for the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Burundi. Loads of detail. T

Price: $15.00

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t-pto142 Collection of 95 press photos from the A.I.M.O. (Affaires Indigenes & Main d'Oeuvre) from 1951-1960 on life in Ruanda-Burundi. Many photos by photographer Laval. Numerous photos showing development along Lake Tanganyika. Also shown are Karuzi, police school, religious services at Uesa Cathedral, Rwanda types and environment. Interesting photos of local police cadets in training, local customs, etc Some photos contain descriptions on reverse.

Price: $1600.00

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visit of King Baudoin to the Belgian Congo visit of King Baudoin to the Belgian Congo


A complete set of 25 postcards issued by Chocolat D'Or to commemorate the visit of King Baudoin to the Belgian Congo in 1955. T

Price: $500.00


Collection of 4 different propaganda postcards issued for the war effort in Africa. After the fall of Belgium, the government in exile continued in the Belgian Congo and participated in the offensive against German East Africa, which held out to the end of the war under the brilliant leadership of Von Lettow Vorbeck. A set of cards were issued as German East Africa (Belgian Occupation). Another series was published by the Minister of Colonies. T

Price: $80.00

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Collection of 20 vintage postcards showing natives of Ruanda and Burundi. T

Price: $400.00



Children of Ruanda is the subject of this vintage 7 postcard collection. T

Price: $140.00