Collection of 8 complete Italian periodicals (La Domenica del Corriere, L’Illustrazione Italiana) featuring Somaliland or Somali Dubats fighting in Ethiopia. Dates range from 1896-1936. T

Price: $400.00

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Official photograps of the August – September 1929 first tourists visiting by cruise ship to Italian Somaliland. Shown are the Governors villa at Afgoi, exposition of agricultural products, cotton fields, banana plantation, banquet for the tourists, Dubats passing, Governor welcoming tourists, on the Uebi river, visiting a Concession, visiting a canal built by the Conte de Vecchi, visiting the village Duca degli Abruzzi, local militiaman, fantasia at Mogadishu. Photos by Padrini, R. Laboratorio Foto Cinematografico. 24 photos in all. All but one with typed captions on reverse.

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Colonial Mogadishu is the subject of this 9 postcard collection. T

Price: $180.00


Smaller cities and villages in Italian Somaliland is the subject of this 10 postcard collection. Shown are Obbia, Afgoi, Merca, Scingani, Garian, Bender Kassin, Brava, as well as an aerial view of Modadishu. T

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Camel and goat culture is the subject of this 8 colonial period postcard collection. T

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Colonial period 14 postcard collection of Somali Types. T P

Price: $280.00



1920’s photo of an Islamic Somali girl from Harar. From the archive of the grandfather of famed Italian journalist Giorgio Torchia. Size 10x15cm. T

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Collection of 8 vintage postcards of Somali women. “Amazon” Arussi, Migiurtina, and others. T.

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Collection of 6 patriotic postcards showing Somali women. Most are used by a soldier fighting on the Southern Front April 18-23, 1936. He writes V.V. Gratziani and V.V. Badoglio (the two supreme Italian commanders on the Southern and Northern fronts respectively) in the upper left and lower right corners on some of the postcards. Content on back. T.

Price: $150.00


Double sized postcard panorama of Mogadishu from 1916.

Price: $60.00