1903 illustration of the stranding of the passengers of the “Admiral Gueydon” on the Somali coast. T


Price: $35.00



Photo collection from Italian Somaliland. Shown are the visit by the head of the Italian Red Cross, Principessa di Piemonte (1906-2001 and last queen of Italy for 35 days). Also shown are the monument by Governor Santini to the fallen in Somalia, August 30, 1936. Rare photos of Somalis ascaris artillery at Harar, desert convoy, market in Geba Geba, camel caravan, arc of triumph in Mogadishu, local Somali village, Mogadishu port, indigenous “muslims”, Italians with locals, “negroes” of Harar, nice snap of downtown Aden, village in the hinterland, church in Harar, soldiers with local children, Somali women posing for the camera,sml065csml065danother monument to the fallen in Mogadishu, camels receiving water, Italian fort, fascist structure, Somali ascaris, more The photographer travelled to Mogadishu aboard the “Eritrea” late March, 1936. 62 photos, roughly half with captions. N SOLD


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Italian bookmark, 1936, by regional bank Cassa di Risparmi di Livorno, with fascist motifs and a Somali dubat. N

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4 photographic postcards on agriculture in Somalia, 1955. SOLD

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Collection of 26 colonial postcards on Djibouti by Cliché G B. Good local content. T

Price: $520.00

sml062 sml062a sml062b sml062c



Near complete set of photo images on postcard stock of Djibouti by Editions Bertrand. 39/40. T

Price: $780.00

sml061b sml061c sml061d sml061e sml061f

Photo collection mainly of the visit of King Victor Emmanuel III and General Emilio de Bono to Mogadishu in November 1924. Shown are Governor Cesare Maria De Vecchi (Governor from 1923-1928), the inauguration of a gymnasium in the name of De Bono, nice shots of the king and De Bono, at the tomb of Duca Abruzzi, inspecting decorated Somali irregulars from previous wars. Also shown are images of Governor Maurizio Rava (Governor from 1931-1935) in 1932, Somali regular troops on parade in Mogadishu, dubats, aerial view of Mogadishu. 42 photos in all. Some with captions and dates. SOLD


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sml060 sml060a sml060a1 sml060a2
sml060a3 sml060a4 sml060a5 sml060a6


Two large photos of the visit of the Duca Abruzzi to Mogadishu on September 22 and December 28, 1927. N

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Photo collection from the research division of AGIP looking for oil in Italian Somaliland in 1936 in the Dolo and Bulo-Burti areas of the new province created by the union of Italian Somaliland with the Somali – speaking area of Ethiopia. 32 photos in all. N

Price: $400.00

Note: AGIP (Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli) was established in 1926 by royal decree to conduct all activities relating to industry and the commerce of petroleum;


It experienced difficulties after the crisis of 1929, but began to flourish in the 1930s. In 1933, a new law was issued in the field of protectionist refineries and AGIP could operate with greater ease in this area. However, because of the costs of supporting colonial campaigns, AGIP had to cancel some foreign investments, in particular it had to abandon their exploration campaigns in Iraq. The mission to Somaliland in 1936 was hoping to find oil and in so doing help pay for the enormous cost of Italys colonies in East Africa.



Two official photo albums on Italian Somaliland. 384 photos, professionally done. Each photo is captioned in the front index to each album. Complete. The focus is on Somali habits, customs and environment during the colonial period. Leather binding. Very rare. N SOLD

Price: $4500.00

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