Southern Africa

Three complete issues of La Domenica del Corriere featuring the massacre of the "Israelites" on May 23, 1921 (apparently showing the image of spiritual leader Enoch Mgimia that looks nothing like him), the revolt in Johannesburg in March 1922 and black miners trapped in a flooding mineshaft in Rhodesia. T

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Three complete issues of La Domenica del Corriere featuring visits of the Prince of Wales to Ghana, Rhodesia and South Africa in 1925. T

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Late 19th/early 20th century Spanish childrens game at the time of the Boer War. The instruction at the bottom reads “How can the gold pass from one state to another state”. Very rare, especially in this condition. 5.5x10.5cm. T

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A 48 page book titled An Amusing and Instructive Kitchen Kaffir Dictionary by S.E. Aitken-Cade, published in Salibury, Rhodesia in 1951. T SOLD

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A 32 page booklet entitled Buka Ea Ka, published by the Society for the Porpagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, in a South African language.  SOLD

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November 22, 1890 issue of Le Don Quichotte featuring “La Civilisation Anglaise en Afrique”. T

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Group of 5 photos of the ruins of Zimbabwe, taken in 1949 by unpublished female author WD Folker. T

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Unpublished 217 page manuscript titled Low-Veld Story, by W. D. Folker. Presented to Publishing Agent Ivor Parley in 1949, the request for publication was denied. This draft contains the female authors edits. It appears that the first few pages might be missing but I am not sure as the text flows. Folker was an independent woman, maintaining her maiden name after she married Peter Mann in South Africa. There are a number of captioned photos by her as well. A rare find. T

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t-sa061 Collection of 17 18th and early 19th century English and French engravings of South Africa natives. From Kelly, Westley, Wilkes, Hervey, Kolben, Mackenzie, Tachard and others. . T

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t-sa060 1830 British political satirie engraving titled "All Among the Hottentots - Capering A Shore". Size 24x35cm. T

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