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t-cg071889 childrens game published in a special supplement of Le Figaro. It is a left-wing satire of General Boulanger who was commander-in-chief of the army in Tunisia. Boulanger was a political figure and the game was produced at the height of his popularity. It shows the “fans” of Goulanger. A very rare item. Size: 44 x 64cm. T

Price: $1200.00

Note: Georges Ernest Jean-Marie Boulanger (29 April 1837 – 30 September 1891), nicknamed Général Revanche, was a French general and politician. An enormously popular public figure during the Third Republic, he won a series of elections and was feared to be powerful enough to establish himself as dictator at the apogee of his popularity in January 1889. His base of support was the working districts of Paris and other cities, plus rural traditionalist Catholics and royalists. He promoted an aggressive nationalism, known as Revanchism, which opposed Germany and called for the defeat of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) to be avenged. The elections of September 1889 marked a decisive defeat for the Boulangists. Changes in the electoral laws prevented Boulanger from running in multiple constituencies and the aggressive opposition of the established government, combined with Boulanger's self-imposed exile, all contributed to a rapid decline of the movement. The decline of Boulanger severely undermined the political strength of the conservative and royalist elements of French political life; they would not recover strength until the establishment of the Vichy regime in 1940. The defeat of the Boulangists ushered in a period of political dominance by the Opportunist Republicans. Academics have attributed the failure of the movement to Boulanger's own weaknesses. Despite his charisma, he lacked coolness, consistency, and decisiveness; he was a mediocre leader who lacked vision and courage. He was never able to unite the disparate elements, ranging from the far left to the far right, that formed the base of his support. He was able, however, to frighten Republicans and force them to reorganize and strengthen their solidarity in opposition to him.



Early 20th century French childrens game Jeu de Lourdes Touristiques, includes instruction sheet. Size: 37 x 45cm. T

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Early 20th century English childrens game The Nugget Treasure Hunt, published by Nugget Boot Polish. Size: 28 x 28cm. T

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Early 20th century English childrens game The Nugget Treasure Hunt, published by Nugget Boot Polish. Size: 27 x 38cm. T

Price: $350.00



1794 English childrens game, Wallis’s Tour of Europe. Complete including original boxed packet. Size: 49 x 70cm. T

Price: $990.00



19th century French childrens game on the village of St. Quentin. Interesting in that it shows the various businesses in the village and advertising as well. Complete with original cover. Size: 49 x 60cm. T

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Early 20th century French childrens game with a colonial theme, titled Jeu des Echanges. Size: 49 x 73cm. T SOLD

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