t-jpc4091910 Sugoroku propaganda history game showing the japanese invasion of Korea and Taiwan as well as the Russo - Japanese war. Size 78.5x54cm. Shows the siege of Ulsan, the breaking of the Hyeonmumun Gate at Pyongyang, the Battle of Tsushima and the Nuyts Incident in Taiwan. 

Note: The Nuyts Incident: The already troubled relations with Japanese merchants in Tayouan took a turn for the worse in 1628 when tensions boiled over. The merchants, who had been trading in Taiwan long before the Dutch colony was established, refused to pay Dutch tolls levied for conducting business in the area, which they saw as unfair. Nuyts exacted revenge on the same Hamada Yahei who he blamed for causing the failure of the Japanese embassy by impounding his ships and weapons until the tolls were paid. However, the Japanese were still not inclined to pay taxes, and the affair came to a head when Hamada took Nuyts hostage at knifepoint in his own office. Hamada's demands were for the return of their ships and property, and for safe passage to return to Japan. These requests were granted by the Council of Formosa (the ruling body of Dutch Formosa), and Nuyts' son Laurens was taken back to Japan as one of six Dutch hostages. Laurens died in Omura prison on 29 December 1631. During the Japanese era in Taiwan (1895–1945), school history textbooks retold the hostage-taking as the Nuyts Incident (noitsu jiken?), portraying the Dutchman as a "typical arrogant western bully who slighted Japanese trading rights and trod on the rights of the native inhabitants".

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1939 Japan national foundation sugoroku propaganda showing Japan's Annexation of Korea. Marks the 2900th anniversary of the Imperial era. Size 77x53cm

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propaganda poster

Turkish propaganda poster showing the victorious Turkish army defeating the North Korean army at the Battle of Kunuri.  There is an inset photo of General Tahsin Yazici.  He commanded the Turkish Brigade during the Korean War.  Though it was initially placed as reserve for the U.S. 8th Army, the collapse of the front in the face of massive Chinese attacks on 26 November 1950, meant that it soon found itself in the thick of battle.  The actions of the Turks at the Battle of Kunuri saved the Americans and General Yazici received the silver star as a result SOLD

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t-kt039 August 12, 1894 issue of Le Petit Parisien showing the Emperor of Korea. T

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t-kt038 July 5, 1925 issue of Le Pelerin with centerfold illustration of the martyrdom of Imbert, Maubant and Chassan in Seoul on September 21, 1839. T

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t-kt037 July 11, 1926 issue of Le Pelerin with centerfold illustration of the funeral of the ex-emperor. T

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t-kt035 Three postcards of Chosen issued during the Japanese Occupation.

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t-kt033 Italian childrens game La Guerra in Corea, issued in Italy during the Korean War. Size 35x50cm. N SOLD

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t-kt032 1950 Italian poster from the Christian Democrats advocating in favor of the Korean War and warning that Italians who demonstrate against the atomic bomb and for peace are smokescreens to support the communists. Size 68x88cm. N SOLD

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t-kt031 Collection of 10 vintage postcards of Korea. Shows Seoul, Chemulpo, Genzan, straw sandal sellers, harvesting turnips, jar peddlars, dancer, Japanese temple, washer women. N

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