L'Asino, December 8, 1901 with front page titled La Propaganda dei Missionari Cattolica in China.

Price: $90.00



Complete set of 21 chromos on the Exposicion International de Barcelona.

Price: $200.00



Complete set of 20 postcards on the Missionary Exhibition of 1929 in Barcelona. Album 2.

Price: $500.00


Archive from famed Italian journalist Giorgio Torchia. He collected missionary photographs from the 1920's and 1930’s. There are 1050 photos in total, along with some maps and documents from missionary photographers. Almost all of the photos contain captions. A number of different missionary societies are mentioned as well as specific missionaries and Chinese notables. A remarkable archive of social upheaval and conditions existing in China during the 1920’s and 30's. It appears that Torchia was assembling these photos for a purpose beyond his own personal collecting as many of the photos contain cataloguing info on the back. t-cmo009jIf the archive was split up and each photo sold individually or grouped on themes it would fetch well over $60,000. A very rare find.

Price: $31500.00

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t-bks035 The Triumph of John and Betty Stam, by Mrs. Howard Taylor, 1935. China Inland Mission.

Price: $18.00

t-peh214 Complete issue of La Domenica del Corriere, dated March 19-25, 1939. Cover shows the capture of Italian missionary Padre Antonio Cocchi by Chinese bandits. Story inside.

Price: $70.00



Original Missionary leaftet in Chinese, c1920.

Size 20x27cm. N

Price: $60.00

Arrest of Mons. Versiglia


Complete issue of La Domenica del Corriere dated March 16, 1930 showing the arrest of Mons. Versiglia (Salesian Missions), Don Caravario and Mission Sisters, by the troops of Ciang-Fat-Kuei

Price: $110.00

Travers le Monde


Cover illustration from journal A Travers le Monde, June 10, 1902. Title reads 'Nouveaux Massacres en China', showing the murder of missionaries in China

Price: $80.00

Mon Bonnheur, showing Chinese killing a catholic missionary


Complete early 20th century french family magazine Mon Bonnheur, showing Chinese killing a catholic missionary

Price: $60.00

Journal Des Voyages


Complete July 29, 1900 issue of french family magazine Journal Des Voyages. Cover shows Boxers with heads of missionaries on poles and a burning mission in the background. Complete story inside

Price: $90.00

1909 issue of Le Petit Journal


Complete June 24, 1909 issue of Le Petit Journal (chink out of cover page but subject is irrelevant), showing Boxers killing Chinese christians. Complete story inside

Price: $90.00

1909 issue of Le Petit Journal


Complete October 1893 issue of Soleil du Dimanch, with title illustration reading 'the last massacre of Christians in China'

Price: $110.00

Martyr and Obituary cards

Two martyr related postcardsTwo martyr related postcards


Two martyr related postcards. One showing the 7 Franciscan sisters martyred in 1900 in China. The second shows the first four Chinese fathers to be beatified

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