t-jpc364Collection of 36 letters and ephemera from a Baptist missionary named William H "Dub" Jackson Jr., who served in Japan from 1951-1968, alongside his wife Doris. The letters give a fascinating insight into the life of an American missionary in early post-War Japan. SOLD

Price: $900.00

Note: William H Jackson Jr was born April 23, 1924 in Southlake, Texas, the son of William Jackson (born 1896). After serving 4 years in the Air Force, flying P-38's in New Guinea, Philippines, Okinawa and Japan, t-jpc364ahe graduated from Hardin-Simmons University in 1948 and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1951. In Japan he was stationed in Sappora and Asahigawa and from 1957-1959 was the Pastor for the Tokyo Baptist Church. In 1963 he became the Associate Director of the Japan Baptist New Life Movement and in 1967 was the Associate Director of the Tokyo Billy Graham Crusade, He served as the Associate Secretary of Evangelism, Japan Baptist Convention and the Coordinating Secretary at the 1970 Tokyo Baptist World Crongress. He and Doris (born 1923) had five children: William III (1948), Shirley-Anne (1951), Lynda (1952), David (1953), and Juanita (1955).


t-jpc363Collection of postcards and photos from an American missionary named Ralph Thomas Palmer, who served in Japan from 1952-1957. Included are 5 postcards to people helping him in America as well as a collection of 5 photos from the Margaret K Long Christian School for girls in Tokyo.  SOLD

Price: $150.00

Note: Ralph Thomas Palmer (March 18, 1926 – August 28, 2014), was born in California. The U.S. Navy sent him to Texas Christian University (TCU) during World War II. He was in flight training when the war ended. At TCU Ralph met his wife Mary Maxine Jones. They were ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1947 and were married August 30, 1948. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry (TCU) in 1947, a Bachelor of Divinity at Brite Divinity School. t-jpc363aDuring his student years in Texas, he pastored churches in Alvarado, Red Oak and Waco. He continued studying, earning a Master’s degree in Public Health at Yale University. At Yale Reverend Dr. Palmer also studied the Japanese language. Later, he received a Doctor of Ministry from Philips University and did Ph.D. studies at Duke University. The Palmers served as missionaries of the United Christian Missionary Society (a predecessor mission body of Global Ministries) at the Yakima Indian Mission in the state of Washington, the Bowery in Chinatown, New York City, and the Disciples of Christ Church in Jamaica (1949-1950). During years 1952-1957 Ralph and Mary Maxine served as missionaries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Japan. There they worked in the town of Honjo, about 300 miles northeast of Tokyo. At first Ralph pastored a church until a Japanese pastor arrived, and later the Palmers worked in the rural evangelism efforts of the Akita Prefecture of the United Church of Christ of Japan. From 1957 until 1970, Reverend Dr. Palmer served as the Executive Secretary of the Department of Missionary Selection and Training of the UCMS Division of World Mission. In this capacity and as the Dean of the College of Missions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), he worked with hundreds of missionaries, recruiting candidates, and supervising their preparation for missionary service. In 1970 the Palmers returned to Texas where he pastored with First Christian Church, Pampa, and several other local congregations in Longview, and Slocum. From 1978 until 1987, Reverend Dr. Palmer served as the Chair of the Science and Math Department at Jarvis Christian College. Dr. Palmer authored several books, including Vignettes Of A Wonderful Life!: The Amalgamated Autobiographies Of Mary Maxine And Ralph Thomas Palmer in 2011 and several online books in 2012.

t-jpc123 t-jpc123b t-jpc123a

An original collection of 21 photographs relating to the New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church of Yokohama, Japan. The church was established in 1954 by Eugene Reagan, a missionary affiliated with the American Baptist Association (Landmark Baptists). No captions except for one photo. N

Price: $350.00

t-jpc122 t-jpc122b t-jpc122c t-jpc122d

Vintage Photo Album of Black & White 120+ photos 1951-1962, of Japanese missionary interest. A number of photos contain descriptions in Japanese. There is a lengthy letter from Keietsu Kikuchi of the 2nd Regional Maritime Safety Headquarters in Shiogama City to a Mr. Yonema Tomiyasu in Las Vegas.

Price: $500.00

t-jpc122e t-jpc122f t-jpc122g t-jpc122a



Creative Forces in Japan, by Galen M. Fisher. 1923. Missionary Education Movement Centre of the US and Canada., by Galen M. Fisher. 1923. Missionary Education Movement Centre of the US and Canada.

Price: $25.00

t-jmis109 t-jmis110

Missions Salesiennes

Sous les cerisiers en fleurs, les longues barques glissent..

Missions Salesiennes

Une Chretiente - Miyasaki 1933

t-jmis105 t-jmis106 t-jmis107 t-jmis108



Missions Salesiennes

La fete de St-Jean Bosco a Miyasaki

Missions Salesiennes

Miyasaki - Enfants de choeur

thumb JMIS101 thumb JMIS102 t-jmis103 t-jmis104

Missions Salesiennes

Miyazaki - Eerstcommunicanten uit het eerste Salesianen-Oratorium in Japan.

Missions Salesiennes

Non abbiate vergogna e non vi rincresca di farvi mendicanti per Cristo e pr la slaute delle anime

Il Pontificio Istıtuto delle Mission Estere

Sandali e gheta

Il Pontificio Istıtuto delle Mission Estere

La casa d' oro presso Kyoto

 thumb JMIS097  thumb JMIS098 thumb JMIS099  thumb JMIS100 


Christian Graduates at Kobe,Japan

All-British Picture

Japanese Village Life

All-British Picture

A Boy's Festival

Missions Salesiennes

9. Cimetiere boudhiste

 thumb JMIS093  thumb JMIS094  thumb JMIS095 thumb JMIS096 

Jesuites Missionnaires

5. Trois aimables petites soeurs qui sous les cieux du Bresil gardent fidelement les osutumes et les costumes de leur pays

Jesuites Missionnaires

3. Papa est aux champs travillant dur, mais on ne l'oublie pas. On lui apporte un de ces delicieux the vert, come il ne s'en fait qu'au Japan

Diffondete L'idea Missionaria

2. Sivan,Sivan..vieni e senti la barbara crudelta di tuo figlio


A Writing Lesson In Japan

 thumb JMIS089  thumb JMIS090 thumb JMIS091  thumb JMIS092 

L'Oeuvre de la Propagation de la Foi Soutient les Missions

4. Mariage chretien au Japan

L'Istituto Delle Missioni Estere

3. Veduta fi Fuji Yama

Missions D'asie

Bonze bouddhiste en priere

S.P.G Missionary

Les Oeuvres Pour La Jeunesse - Les petites Japonaises tissent la jolie soie qu'elle broden ensuile