Mongolia / Siberia

 t-kt018 Two French press photos of the 1990 election in Mongolia. Descriptions on back

Price: $70.00

 t-ms001 Complete set of 9 cards by French producer Chocolat Pupier, done in 1936, on Siberia. Shown are Vladivostok, Somoyedes, mining and more. Described on back. N

Price: $180.00

 t-ms002 Collection of 9 European confectionary cards on Siberia, most described on back.

Price: $180.00

t-peh234 Interesting sheet , in Flemish on Famous sayings in Mongolia.

Price: $60.00

t-cpc082 Collection of 4 European confectionary cards featuring Manchuria, including a photo image of the Emperor of Manchuko.

Price: $80.00