1933 German chromo album by Klipp's Coffee titled "Im Reiche der Mitte Mit Sven Hedin Durch Asiens Wusten". 1933. Only 4 chromos missing, 196 present. Rare.

Price: $700.00

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t-kt034  November 19, 1950 issue of La Domenica Del Corriere, with the Chinese invasion of Tibet on the cover.

Price: $90.00

t-kt024  Complete set of 6 trade cards by Belgian company Liebig on Lhassa, Holy City of the Himalayas, produced in 1935.

Price: $90.00

t-kt022  French press photo of the Dalai Lama in Paris in 1986. Described on back. N

Price: $35.00

kt020a  Complete 1926 issue of La Domenica del Corriere, featuring religious practice in Tibet, on the back cover.

Price: $100.00

kt019a  Complete 1926 issue of La Domenica del Corriere, featuring the Devil Dance at Gyantse, Tibet, on the back cover.

Price: $100.00

Il Secolo Illustrato

Complete issue of Il Secolo Illustrato Della Domenica, dated August 14, 1904.  Cover illustration of the English expedition in Tibet at the capital of Lhassa. Fair condition with tears in margins not affecting text or images and easily repaired.  Story inside

Price: $90.00

Le Pelerin


Complete 1926 issue of Le Pelerin, with centre illustration showing a clan of Tibetans raiding an English expedition and destroying all their modern goods

Price: $70.00

Korea and TibetKorea and Tibet



A collection of illustrations from European periodicals on Tibet

Price: $100.00

the voyages of Tom Birkenfeld the Far Eastthe voyages of Tom Birkenfeld


China, Tibet, Japan, by German company Sanella-Bilder about the voyages of Tom Birkenfeld.  Complete, with all 90 cards present.  Good condition with some wear on the cover.

Price: $180.00