France/Italy/UK 20th Century Political Movements


1941 1st South african entertainment union program, Addis Abeba, ETHIOPIA. Some water damage.

Price: $150.00

1937 Italian childrens education game RADIO QUESTIONARIO by HELDA. Complete and quite rare in this condition.

Price: $900.00

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Spanish comic book Vidas Ilustres, Gabriel D’Annunzio, 1956.

Price: $90.00


Postcard from the Istituto Coloniale Fascista with the song “Italia in Marcia”. T

Price: $50.00


Set of 4 general school texts for the first four years of a childs education. From the 1930’s. Fascinating propaganda. N

Price: $600.00



Propaganda from the Italian War Ministry designed to protect the people in time of war by educating them. N

Price: $100.00



Diario Scolastico Taurinia. Italian fascist period student diary. Some entries. N

Price: $90.00



Early post-war anti-communist political poster…OUR PRISONERS. It shows that they have all returned from the USA and UK but only a fraction from the USSR. Size: 50x70cm. SOLD

Price: $500.00


Official photo album of the now defunct Italian petroleum company, Vacuum, of Genoa. This is a record of the annual event where the company would donate gifts to the employees children. The interesting thing here is to see how fascism affected daily life. 6 professional photos. Complete. N

Price: $500.00

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Large poster for the 1946, first post-war election in Italy. This is for Ancona and lists all the candidates for each of the parties. Size: 84x119cm. N

Price: $450.00