Holocaust Studies

t-hol027 En Israel, by Charles Huard. 30 pages of illustration. Cover separated. T

Price: $300.00

t-hol026 Complete issue of Le Charivari February 20, 1937 with centerfold illustration Sermon de careme aux Fonctionnaires. Size 27x40cm. T

Price: $90.00

t-pto160 Original photo collection from July to September showing American and British soldiers, a downed German plane, a derailed German train, all with descriptions and dates in French on the back. There are also a number of original photos of the holocaust but with no descriptions on the back. 10 photos.

Price: $120

t-hol017 Italian Gazzetta Ufficiale Del Regno D’Italia, November 19, 1938. This session of parliament records the law passed on the ‘Defense of the Race’. Provisions are passed regulating weddings and possessions of the jewish race. There are 29 articles in all. N

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Hohocust Studies


1945 Dutch booklet entitled Het Laaste Geschrift van Prof. Dr. Titus Brandsma. It is the last scripture written by Dr. Brandsma on order of the Gestapo before being put to death in 1942.  He was a Carmelite priest who worked against the Nazis in Holland.  He was put to death by lethal injection in Dachau. N

Price: $80.00

Hohocust Studies


Early post-war book entitled Nederland Indenoorlog Zooals Het Werkelijk Was, which translates as 'Netherlands War as it Really Was'.  Many documents are shown and covers jewish persecution inside and outside Holland, propaganda German magazines, etc. N

Price: $150.00

Hohocust StudiesHohocust Studies


 Childrens book published in Israel about persecution of Jews in Russia. N

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Hohocust Studies


 Ghetto Ghijntjes. By A. M. Reens. Volume 1 and 2. Small cover seperation at top. Rare. N

Price: $120.00

Hohocust Studies


Vaderland en Volk. Het Anti-Semitisme een Geestelikje Kanker. De N.S.B. een Gevaar voor Nederland. By G. A. Boon. 1939

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Hohocust StudiesHohocust Studies


Een Album met Zeldzame Foto's Uit Dachau - Buchenwald - Flossenburg en Andere Duitsche Concentratiekampen. This is a dutch photo magazine, done shortly after the war, on German concentration camps. Spine repair

Price: $100.00