General Cultural Studies



A collection of 22 French chromo cards by Editions Educatives Paris on French colonies. Captions on reverse.

Price: $320.00

history of the worldhistory of the world


Peruvian album La Gran Historia del Peru y Del Mundo. 423 chromos on Peru and the history of the world. A nice album. Complete and in good condition.

Price: $290.00

ethnographic themesethnographic themes


Peruvian album Paises y Costumbres, Libro Para Cromos, by a Spanish company. This album covers 4 continents with heavy emphasis on ethnographic themes. 309/312 chromos are present. Album has seen better days and been repaired.

Price: $280.00

Latin America historyLatin America history


Peruvian chromo album El Mundo de Ayer y Hoyi, Historia de las Civilizaciones. An album covering a variety of subjects with major emphasis on Latin America history. All 288 chromos present. Good condition.

Price: $240.00

South American historySouth American history


Album Nuestro Peru y el Mundo. This album contains 338 chromos and covers a variety of international subjects of interest and with most emphasis on South American history. Complete and in good condition.

Price: $280.00

evolution of German coloniesevolution of German colonies


Deutsche Kolonien, a German trade card album with 270 cards pasted down and described. Lengthy description of the evolution of German colonies is at front. All colonies are illustrated, with bulk of subject matter on Africa. Rare, complete, and in good condition, folds on cardboard cover.

Price: $700.00

Les Races HumainesLes Races Humaines


Les Races Humaines, by Belgian company Superchocolade Jacques. 144 trade cards pasted down, with descriptions. Covers all the races of humanity. Dated 1947. Very good condition.

Price: $200.00

Adventurers and Explorers Adventurers and Explorers Adventurers and Explorers Adventurers and Explorers

English sticker album Adventurers and Explorers, by Brooke Bond Picture Cards. 50 cardsm laid down, complete and in very good condition.

Price: $150.00

hunting around the worldhunting around the world


Chasseurs de Fauves, by Belgian chocolate company Martougin. It relates to hunting around the world. There are 30 different hunting series, each with 8 cards, and all 240 cards are present. Very good condition.

Price: $325.00

Historic BattlesHistoric Battles


Historic Battles, by Belgian company Cox International and distributed in Canada. All 306 stickers are present, which is rare because producers usually restrict a few pieces in order to sell more packets to collectors trying desperately to complet their album. Covers 17 different battles, each spanning 2 pages. A rare find, complete with box. Condtion very good. N

Price: $525.00