Complete set of 55 confectionary cards by Spanish Chocolate Juncosa on Map of the Americas, produced in the 1920’s. Measuring 18x24 inches, the reverse of each card contains information about the country shown on the face. A rare set.

Price: $350.00


Mapa del T.N. de Misiones, preparado por la Oficina Cartografica Montenegro Paz. 1947. Includes cover and separate index. Size 62x82cm. N

Price: $400.00


Derrotas Para La Navegacion Del Mar de las Antillas y El Golfo de Mejico. Direccion de Hidrografia, Madrid 1863. Shows navigation routes. Size: 35 x 52.

Price: $150.00


Plano de La Habana. Edito por Francisco Rojo Garcia. Dated 1951. Vintage tourist map showing important sites in the margin. The reverse shows a highway map for the area, with detail. Size: 63 x 89. N

Price: $490.00

mp178 Tallis map of the United States.

Price: $125.00


Tallis map of Mexico, California and Texas.


Price: $175.00

mp176 Late 18th century map of North America. Titled America Settentrionale Secondo le scoperte fatte dal Cap. Cook.

Price: $150.00

mp160 French map of Cayenne and surrounding area. Feuille NB-22-11-4. Ministere des Travaux Publics et des Transports. 1951-1952. Gives much detail. T

Scale: 1:100,000

Size: 69 x 81 cm

Price: $90.00

mp116 Folklore and Legend Of Our Country

Copyright MCMLXII , General Drafting Co.,Inc. T

Size: 57 x 85 cm

Price: $100.00


Carte des Etats-Unis de L'Amerique-Nord Pour servir au Tableau du Climat et du Sol. By C. V. Volney. T

Date: 18th cent.

Size: 50 x 60 cm

Price: $320.00


Guia Turistico de Sao Paulo. Four maps of Sao Paulo inside an 84 page tour guide. T

Touring Club do Brasil 1952

Price: $80.00

mp096b mp096c

Westindien Central-America und dan Nordliche un Nordwestliche Sud America. Cloth backed map of Caribbean and New Granada and Venezuela. T

Heinrich Kiepert Late19th cent

Scale: 1:6000000

Size 59 x 69 cm

Price: $290


Carta della Nuova Inghilterra Nuova Iork, e Pensilvania. Shows US 'provinces', 'village of French', different Indian sites, strange layout for Manhattan. T

Unknown mid-18th cent

Size 30 x 47 cm

Price: $400



Map of Puerto Rico 1899. Repaired on back with acid free tape.T

Size 55 x 37 cm

Price: $200.00


Stanfords Map of the United States Showing the Principal United States and Canadian Railways quoted in the Stock Exchange Daily Official List. Identifies each Rail Line. Orignal cover attached. Cloth backed. T

London, Edward Stafford 1909

Size 85 x 115 cm

Price: $600.00