mp304mp304aCollection of 14 maps published in Japan in the late 1930’s on the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The complete sets consists of 20 maps, which includes all the surrounding countries of Japan. A very rare set, all but one of the 14maps in this collection includes the original stamped cover that the map came in. This collection includes #2 South Pacific islands, #3 Philippines, #6 Thailand (Siam), #7 Burma, #8 Malaya Sumatra #9 Malay, #11 Java, #12 Borneo, #13 Celebes Moluccas, #14 Papua (New Guinea), #16 East Australia, #17 New Zealand, #19 India, #20 East India. I believe I can complete this set over the next five years.

Price: $7000.00

Note:mp304bmp304c The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere was an imperialist propaganda concept created and promulgated for occupied Asian populations during the first third of the Shōwa era by the government and military of the Empire of Japan. It extended greater than East Asia and promoted the cultural and economic unity of Northeast Asians, Southeast Asians, and Oceanians. It also declared the intention to create a self-sufficient "bloc of Asian nations led by the Japanese and free of Western powers". It was announced in a radio address entitled "The International Situation and Japan's Position" by Foreign Minister Hachirō Arita on June 29, 1940.

mp304dAn Investigation of Global Policy with the Yamato Race as Nucleus—a secret document completed in 1943 for high-ranking government use—laid out the superior position of Japan in the Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, showing the subordination of other nations was part of explicit policy and not forced by the war. It explicitly states the superiority of the Japanese over other Asian races and provides evidence that the Sphere was inherently hierarchical, including the Japanese Empire's true intention of domination over the Asian continent and Pacific Ocean.




Plan du Cholon. Service Geographique de L’Indochine. 1952. Great detail showing specific buildings during the French Colonial period. Scale: 1:10000. Size 65 x 93.

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Plan du Saigon. Service Geographique de L’Indochine. 1952. Great detail showing specific buildings during the French Colonial period. Scale: 1:10000. Size 68 x 93.

Price: $390.00

mp301 mp301a mp301b mp301c

Occupation Map Japan and the Far East. Six Maps in One. James Young, 1945. The maps contain information based on Young's 13 years as a foreign correspondent in the Far East. The Tokyo City map shows wards, embassies, even the geisha houses, churches and red light district. Other maps show army and navy bases, divisional HQs and regimental areas, railroads and strategic industries. Far East map is about 34 X 44 with good detail - small islands of Gilbert, Marshall, Caroline and Marianas Groups, also Andaman Sea and Maldives and Laccadive Groups and more. Size 8.5 x 11 inches folded.

Price: $390.00

mp300 mp300a mp300b mp300c

A Pictorial Map of Peking in full colors by John Kirk Sewall. Published by Peiyang Press, Tientsin-Peiping. The map is missing the bottom third section. Interesting in that it shows the locations of the Legations, including Nazi Germany. There are some fold splits and margin tears. Cover included.

Price: $290.00


Name : Japan culture distribution map (it shows the population distribution by religious affiliation). SOLD

Size: 108.5 x 78.5cm

Date: 1927

Publisher: Unknown

Condition: some small tears

Price: $390.00


Name : Detailed map of Osaka war‐damaged area

Size: 76 x 109cm

Date: 1946

Publisher: Nihon chizu corporation

Condition: Repaired SOLD

Price: $580.00

mp294mp294aTitle: AKSA-I ŞARK DARULHAN KAT-İ HARİTASI. Translated "Battle of the Eastern Gate". It shows the Russo-Japanese War of 1904. T

Publisher: İbrahim Hilmi Kitabhanesi Date: 1904

Size: 65x80cm

Condition: good

Price: $800.00



Sugoroku Map game celebrating the historic 1925 biplane flight from Tokyo to Rome. Size 55x79cm.

Price: $750.00




WWII 1933 JAPAN "National defense Map" MILITARY HEADQUARTERS PORT NAVY BASE. Size: 54x78 cm. Publisher: The Osaka Mainichi Newspapers.

Price: $500.00