Algeria, Tunisia


Photo album from a French soldier in Algeria in 1932. Many photos captioned and dated on reverse. Photos from Oran, Biskra, Constantine and maneuvers in the countryside. 131 photos in all with a strong mix of military, colonial and local population as well as colonial, local and ancient architecture. T

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Photo album from a soldier with the 77th Bataillon du Genie in Algeria in 1956/1957 during the war there. The album is dedicated to the Commandant of the Bataillon from the men of the 1st Company. Shows daily life a soldier, as well as the life of the locals. Photos shot in Kabylie. 55 photos in all. The back page contains a description of the photos found on each page. Decorative leather cover. In very good condition. T

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Italian sheet music Notti Tunisine by Enrico Mineo, 1943.

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French sheet music “Sidi-Brahim”. Hymne des Chasseurs a Pieds et Alpins, 23-25 Septembre 1845. Published in 1945, on the anniversary of the battle.

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Large photo of the Italian school in Tunis, c1930. Size 17x24cm. N

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French sheet music Les Africains (Chant de Guerre des Africaines). Music arranged by the Feelix Boyer, Chef de musique de la garnison d’Alger).

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pr045 Complete issue of Don Pirloncino, July 8, 1883, with fold out illustration entitled The Policy of Getting By. One hand washes the other and both wash the face of all. It shows Persia serving Russia, Egypt serving England and Tunisia serving France. 41x60cm.

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Collection of 5 letters written by an Italian named Givovani in Tunisia between April 8 to May 2, 1910 to a Josephina Merlo in Padua. I do not know what the content is. N

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tn019tn019aPhoto album belonging to a wealthy French woman named Ines Chambeault of her 1905-1906 travels in Tunisia. It begins with her aboard the paquetboat La Ville to Bizerte in June. Photo of where she stayed at Villa Kerfafa and other houses in Bizerte along Rue Gibraltar. She fancied herself an amateur photographer, even photographing a photographer. Many family photos of the haunts of Bizerte and party moments. They join friends who own the yacht “Forban” and go to Tunis. An interesting album showing Tunisia from a French female civilian perspective. 98 photos in all, some captions. Binding has separated but everything is present. N

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tn018tn018aLate 19th century photo album of a civilian niece of French Commandant Girardy, based in Algeria. Interesting mix of military and civilian life with a number of small villages mentioned. Different indigenous military units shown. Life in local villages shown, troops in the field with tent of Mr. Beranger, local architecture local colonial farm, military parade. A number of photos of Commandant Girardy Almost no captions. 84 photos in all. N

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