Rare, Complete Spanish 48 stickers album of the 1956 war in Egypt, 2nd series of Ferma.

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t-peh260 t-peh260a t-peh260b

Three original issues of the Toc H Matruh Milestone, a British army newsletter published for the troops at Matruh, Egypt, beginning in September 1943. It includes the covers the 7 page newsletter announcing the publication, along with the first three publications. Each newsletter is 5 A4 legal size pages. This is very rare and perhaps only lasted for 3 issues. T

Price: $450.00



Complete June 16, 1882 issue of Le Don Quichotte featuring Arabi-Pacha on the cover. . T

Price: $150.00



1785 engraving of the Ceremony of the Overflowing of the Nile at Cairo, from Hervey's New System of Geography. Size 34x22cm. T

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Italian anti-English colonial booklet Dispotismo Inglese in Terra Egiziana, produced in 1940.

Price: $90.00

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Book produced in 1941 for British troops in Egypt. Title is Say it in Arabic and See it in Egypt. Interesting military humor as well. Lots of adverts for local shops, maps, etc. Local map intact at back.

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Seven humor postcards from 1916 by V. Manavian on British life in Egypt.

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Italian military advisor to Yacoub Artuil BeyItalian military advisor to Yacoub Artuil Bey


Early photo of an Italian military advisor to Yacoub Artuil Bey, Cairo, 1879. Slight tear on paper but easily repaired. N

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Complete issue of Le Grelot dated July 30,1882, condemning the French bombardment of Alexandria. N

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Small photo album belonging to a British soldier based in Port Said, Egypt, in 1919, containing 49 photos measuring 5.5 x 3.5cm.

Subjects include: British soldiers in camp, numerous street scenes of Port Said, local people, British naval ships, horse drawn tram, makeshift military cemetery, troops transported by railway, reconnaissance aircraft, etc. Very good for understanding what Port Said looked like after the war and immediately following the Egyptian Revolution of 1919.

t-pto335bAlbum is fairly sound and intact, loose in some places, otherwise good for age. Size: 10.5 x 15 x 2.5cm. Spine and corners in leather with hard cloth cover. N

Price: 320.00

pr045 Complete issue of Don Pirloncino, July 8, 1883, with fold out illustration entitled The Policy of Getting By. One hand washes the other and both wash the face of all. It shows Persia serving Russia, Egypt serving England and Tunisia serving France. 41x60cm.

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Captain L.H. Kent

Captain L.H. Kent


Collection of photos, pay vouchers and correspondence from Captain L.H. Kent, Royal Engineers, assigned to the No.2 Anti-Gas Laboratory in Benei Yusef, Egypt, during WW2.  Also shown are the ammunition laboratory in Moascar, Egypt and the military camp in Benei Berak, Israel.  Pay slips are drawn on Barclays Bank in Tel Aviv.  Numerous photos of work in the laboratory.  Also officers visiting Jerusalem. 1941 correspondence between Kent and Major T.W.J. Taylor that appears to be a contest of wit between two military engineers.  You have to read it carefully to understand if it is serious or a practical joke. 32 photos, various correspondence and detailed pay slip. N

Captain L.H. Kent

Captain KentNote: Benei Yusuf was a centre for Italian POW's and was visited from time to time by the 7th Armored Division (the 'Desert Rats')

Price: 450.00