Gender Studies



1875 illustration titled English Ladies Visiting a Moor’s House. T

Price: $35.00



Early 19th century engraving of entertainment in an Egyptian harem and A Favourite of the Seraglio. T

Price: $80.00



19th century illustrations of the interior of a harem and Algerian ladies in the harem. T

Price: $50.00


Interesting 1887 illustration of the ladies camp outside of the capital and an English officer being turned away and an illustration of Moroccan females lounging. T

Price: $60.00



Large double page 1863 fold-out illustration of a Moroccan girl being presented to her future husband.T

Price: $70.00



Six English illustrations of harem life in Turkey, 1848-1876.T

Price: $210.00

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Complete 3 part illustration sequence of something called “The Career of a White Slave”, done in 1875. It tracks the development of a female slave from her abduction, to the private sale room and finally at “home” in the Harem. T

Price: $150.00

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1891 illustration titled “A Letter Writer of Tunis”. T

Price: $35.00



1949 issue of La Codorniz, with cover feature that reads “Our love. We swear there is no other harem in your life”. T

Price: $60.00



1888 illustration from The Illustrated London News, The Slave Market in Morocco. Size 58x40cm. T

Price: $100.00