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t-ljs001t-ljs001aDetailed photo album from the Vice-Consul with the French Consulate in Aleppo in 1903-1904. Nice detail on life in Aleppo, but best of all is the group photos of the European diplomatic corps that would meet together socially. Consuls and civil servants from Turkey, Austria, Russia, etc are named, as well as their wives in some cases. Also shown are the brides trousseau in a local wedding, a local burial, the river Koueik (which was always a problem with sewage), jewish cemetery, the road of dyers, the Citadel, the bazarr of ropers, the Italian Consulate, the residence of the Vali and General Ali Pacha, the elaborate departure of the Russian Consul to Baghdad by way of caravan, Western diplomates drinking at the Hotel Bellevue, a panorama of an official ceremony, return of pilgrims from Mecca, detailed schematic plan of the home of the Vice-Consul with corresponding photos of each room, local dervishes, cawas of the French Consulate,t-ljs001bt-ljs001c Vues of Beilan on the road to Alexandrette. 75 photos in all, almost all with legible descriptions. The author was something of an amateur photographer and used an expensive camera. Binding is loose but intact. An interesting look at the official French presence in Aleppo twenty years before the French inherited its mandate over Syria.

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pl023 Two photographs of Rashid Karami (1921-1987), Prime Minister of Lebanon.

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pl020 Complete set of 11 cards by French company Chocolat Pupier, done in 1936, on Syria and the Alawites. Shown are the Alawite flag, President Mohamed Aly Abed, Syrian parliament, and more. Described on back. SOLD

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pl019 Complete set of 7 cards by French company Chocolat Pupier, done in 1936, on Lebanon. Interesting flag combining both French and Lebanese flags, more. Described on back. SOLD

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thumb pl005thumb pl005aPhoto album taken mostly in Syria or South-Eastern Turkey, during the handover period from Turkish to French control. Unfortunately there is no text with the photos. There are 182 photos in all. The trip also included Istanbul as well and a short visit to Egypt. There are high ranking French and Turkish officers shown so I am sure an expert can identify them.

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Note: Officially the French Mandate of Syria was a League of Nations mandate founded after the First World War and the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire. During the two years that followed the end of the war in 1918 – and in accordance with the Sykes-Picot Agreement that was signed between Britain and France during the war – the French controlled most of Ottoman Syria (modern Syria, Lebanon, Alexandretta) and other portions of southeastern Turkey. In the early 1920’s, the French control of these territories became formalized by the League of Nations mandate system, and France was assigned the mandate of Syria on September 29, 1923.thumb pl005bthumb pl005c

The Sanjak of Alexandretta became an autonomous province of Syria under Article 7 of the French-Turkish treaty of October 20, 1921: “A special administratie regime shall be established for the district of Alexandretta. The Turkish inhabitants of this district shall enjoy facility for their cultural development. The Turkish language shall have official recognition.”

In 1923, Alexandretta was attached to the State of Aleppo, and in 1925 it was directly attached to the French mandate of Syria, still with special administrative status.thumb pl005dthumb pl005eThe Sanjak was given autonomy in November 1937 in an arrangement brokered by the League. Under its new statute, the Sanjak became ‘distinct but not seperated’ from the French mandate of Syria on the diplomatic level, linked to both France and Turkey for defense matters.

pl012 Complete collection of signed hand painted artwork of six traditional Lebanese costumes, with original cover. Shown are Young Woman of Sidon Smoking the Narghila, Druze Princess of the Shouf Region, Girl in Native Costume of Tyr, Girl of Wadi Tayum Area (Mount Hermon), Kurdish Girl of Lebanon in Festive Garb, Woman of Tripoli North Lebanon.

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thumb pl001 Original stock certificate: Republique Libanaise, Bon du Tresor, 1949. The share certificates were unregistered as they were confiscated from bank vaults during the Arab-Isarelis war.

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Christian Missions operating in PalestineChristian Missions operating in Palestine


A large collection of vintage postcards issued by Christian Missions operating in Palestine.

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USOM (US Operations Mission) in Lebanon in 1953 USOM (US Operations Mission) in Lebanon in 1953


Binder from the USOM (US Operations Mission) in Lebanon in 1953 likely through to 1959 as it covers much on the poultry problem in Lebanon in 1958. The binder belonged to an officer in the Audio Visual department and there are dozens of items, including maps, newsclippings, photocopies, instructions, Arabic-English translation. Many AV aids shown.

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Collection of 14 chromos on Jordan, Syria and Iraq from European sources

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Syria, by Spanish Perfumaria Myrta, 1954


 Collection of 6 card on Syria, by Brazillian company Perfumaria Myrta, 1954

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Lebanon, by Spanish Perfumaria Myrta, 1954


 Collection of 6 cards on Lebanon, by Brazillian company Perfumaria Myrta, 1954

Price: $120.00