Lebanon/ Jordan/ Syria


1900 postcard of a Turkish military hospital in Aleppo, showing Ottoman cemetery, as well a slightly later photo postcard of Hotel Omayad in Place de Merje in Damascus. Also an early panorama of Baalbeck. T

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A collection of 8 Bartlett and Allan engravings of Syria and Lebanon. Shown are views of Damascus, Brumhanna, Besherrai, Sarepla, Telmysus, Sidon and Tyre. T

Price: $300.00

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Two illustrations of 20th century events. One is Italian and dated 1920, showing on the cover the rescue of Captain Ranza at Aleppo by arab cavalry. He had been forced to land during his historic Rome-Tokyo and captured by Kurdish bands. The second issustration is French and shows the bravery of Senegalese trailleurs fighting in Syria in 1925. Both are complete journals. T

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Four illustrations of Syria from English and French periodicals, 1860-1899. Shown are a panorama of Damascus, diving for sponges, a Syrian Gowass, and a muslim festival. T

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Four illustrations of Beirut from English and French periodicals, 1860-1875. Nice panoramas as well as three different British Syrian schools in Beirut. T

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Large engraving of Palmyra Alias Tadmor, done in 1698. Size: 32 x 64cm. T

Price: $250.00

pl023 Two photographs of Rashid Karami (1921-1987), Prime Minister of Lebanon.

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pl012 Complete collection of signed hand painted artwork of six traditional Lebanese costumes, with original cover. Shown are Young Woman of Sidon Smoking the Narghila, Druze Princess of the Shouf Region, Girl in Native Costume of Tyr, Girl of Wadi Tayum Area (Mount Hermon), Kurdish Girl of Lebanon in Festive Garb, Woman of Tripoli North Lebanon.

Price: $550

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thumb pl001 Original stock certificate: Republique Libanaise, Bon du Tresor, 1949. The share certificates were unregistered as they were confiscated from bank vaults during the Arab-Isarelis war.

Price: $90.00

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Christian Missions operating in PalestineChristian Missions operating in Palestine


A large collection of vintage postcards issued by Christian Missions operating in Palestine.

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Collection of 14 chromos on Jordan, Syria and Iraq from European sources

Price: $280.00

Syria, by Spanish Perfumaria Myrta, 1954


 Collection of 6 card on Syria, by Spanish Perfumaria Myrta, 1954. T

Price: $120.00