Photos and Postcards


Collection of 18 photos from an Italian solder in Libya, 1936-1942. Shows Mussolini and Italian audience in the Roman theatre at Sabratha, occupation of Tripoli shortly before it was overtaken by the Allies, German officer with locals, local population, etc. Some with captions on reverse. T

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Collection of 12 vintage propaganda postcards of Italy over Libya in the 1911-1912 war.

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Three French propaganda postcards La Civilisation Italienne en Tripolitaine.

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Photo album belonging to Tenente Tosti while stationed in Libya in the 1920’s. There is a sketch of him in front of the album. Shown are local population, colonial and local structures, unknown female pilot, sponge haresting, burying a high ranking Italian officer, a whore house, etc. Good study in different military types as well. No captions. 71 photos in all, including two mezotints.  SOLD

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Note: Tosti became a Colonel and became the commander of the Legione Carabinieri in Milan. During the war he was under the command of General Carlo Dalla Chiesa. He retired in 1955.

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Rare collection of 9 official photos of the visit of Mussolini to Libya in April, 1926. Shown visiting various concessions, with General De Bona, being held on the shoulders of Ascaris during fantasia. All captioned on reverse. Also included are two photos of an official visit to Bu-Setta in November 1924 but an unknown Italian dignitary.

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5 rare photos of the visit of King Victor Emmanuel III to Libya in 1938. Shown with Italo Balbo (rare), inspecting Libyan infantry, visiting Leptis Magnus with his wife. Typed captions on reverse.

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Rare photo of a hanging at the Agebabia concentration camp on March 12, 1930. Interesting in that there appear to be Spanish colonial troops present, along with Italian colonial troops. Size 6x8.5cm.

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Collection of 20 photos during the Italian conquest of Libya in 1913. Almost all of the photos were taken by famed Italian photographer E. Chiaramonte. The collection focusses on the life of the people during the war…..ramadan celebrations, prisoners, local bazar, coffee houses, arab quarter of Bengazi, village of Sidi Il Sein, local architecture, etc. Most are captioned. Size 13x18cm. SOLD

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Homogeneous collection of 8 original photos from Libya in 1918. Shown are the lottery among gathered troops, firing cannons in the field, military review, local Libyan troops on horseback, observation tower with spotlight. What is interesting is that although the war against Turkey ended in 1912, the war against the local population started soon after and lasted to the 1920’s.  SOLD

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Collection of 5 large format early photos of Italian Tripoli. Photos measure 17x23cm. N

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