Photos and Postcards


Two fold out colonial postcard map of Libya showing the provinces of Tripolitania and Cirenaica, and also four other colonial map postcards of Libya and Algeria. T

Price: $180.00



Group of 4 postcards by the Associazzione Nazionale Bersaglieri on shrines in Libya that were important to the Bersaglieri. T

Price: $100.00



Collection of 10 colonial postcards on Italian treatment of prisoners during the 1911-1912 war and subsequent Sanucci Rebellion. T

Price: $300.00

Collection of 18 colonial postcards on different types of colonial African troops fighting in Libya. T

Price: $450.00

t-mph133 t-mph133a t-mph133b

Collection of 90 colonial postcards on views and architecture of Libya. Shows a number of cities and villages. T

Price: $1800.00

t-mph132 t-mph132a t-mph132a1
t-mph132a2 t-mph132a3 t-mph132a4 t-mph132a5
t-mph132a6 t-mph132a7 t-mph132a8 t-mph132a9
t-mph132a10 t-mph132a11 t-mph132a12 t-mph132a13



Collection of 78 colonial postcards on habits of the Libyan people. T

Price: $1560.00

t-mph131a t-mph131a1 t-mph131a2 t-mph131a3
t-mph131a4 t-mph131a5 t-mph131a6 t-mph131a7
t-mph131a8 t-mph131a9 t-mph131a10 t-mph131a11



Collection of 26 colonial postcards on fascist structures in Libya. T

Price: $520.00

t-mph130a t-mph130b t-mph130c t-mph130d

Collection of 18 colonial postcards on mosques and islam in Libya. T

Price: $360.00

t-mph129 t-mph129a t-mph129b



Set of 6 postcards by famed artist Dandolo Bellini on Tipoli. T

Price: $120.00



Five Bonelli postcards of Libya. T

Price: $100.00