Prints and Ephemera

t-iea-p-eph215 1911 issue of Le Crie de Paris, showing Italy pleading with Libya. T

Price: $90.00

t-iea-p-eph214 1891 print of the slave market in Tripoli, from Le Petit Journal. Size 30x44cm. T

Price: $70.00

t-iea-p-eph211 Italian sheet music Ghibli (Legenda del Sahara), by C.A. Bixio, 1932.

Price: $90.00



Italian manifesto from Ente Radio Rurale dated November 25, 1937. Size: 70 x 100 cm.

Price: $500.00

t-iea-p-eph193 Italian sheet music TOBRUCK, June 1942. Music by Giacomo Inda. Some pen marking on cover. Back cover reads VICTORY.

Price: $90.00

t-iea-p-eph185 Decorative booklet commemorating the actions of the 7th Fanteria Regiment in Libya, for the military class of 1888. It gives a daily account of activity. N

Price: $150.00

t-iea-p-eph181 Collection of 8 letters written by soldiers and civilians living in Libya to relatives back home. Date from the late 1930’s to the beginning of the war. N

Price: $190.00

t-iea-p-eph180 Two issues of Il Giornale di Tripoli, September 20 and 24, 1964. N

Price: $50.00




Fifth grade report card for an Italian student in Libya in 1943. He is being transferred to a school in San Remo Italy. N

Price: $90.00



Poster of the naval battle of Kunfidah, January 7, 1912. Fought on the coast of Saudi Arabia, the Italians sank 7 Turkish gunboats. Size: 50 x 70.

Price: $400.00