Palestine Post-1948


Chinese propaganda poster in support of the Palestinian cause.

Size: 53 x 77

Price: $200.00


thumb pl007 Complete May 14, 1973 issue of Charlie Hebdo with cover satirizing the desperate situation in Palestine. Cover features a rich jew announcing the liquidation of Palestine. ‘everything must disappear…..never seen….a massacre…Lebanese trade will resume’.

Price: $100

thumb pl003 Archive of 8 French press photos on the visit of President Mitterand to Israel in 1982, the first visit by a French head of state to Israel. Shown are Mitterand in the Occupied Territories, addressing the Knesset, other visits within Israel. Also two 1977 photographs of a meeting of the ‘French Likodd’, showing solidarity with Israel. All photos contain descriptions on reverse. N

Price: $250.00

thumb pl003a
thumb pl006 Complete August 17, 1970 issue of L’Hebdo, with cover showing Nasser and Golda Meir as lovers while sitting on Arafat. The title ‘Six days peace’ is a satire on the Six Day War.

Price: $100

pl004l pl004m pl004n

pl004eArchive of 31 French press photos on the Palestinian issue, dating from 1980-1994. pl004fShown are the immediate after effect of a Fedayin attack on a Kibbutz in Galilee, Palestinians supporting the regime of Sadaam Husein, Israelis attack on Palestinians in Tel Aviv, construction of new settlement in the Golan Heights, portrait photos of the two Arabs appointed as Deputy Ministers by Prime Minister Begin, Yassar Arafat in France as well as with Gorbachev, Arafat at the Arab Foreign Ministers conference in Cairo, Palestinian youth attacking Israelis soldiers, signing of the historic Israel-Vatican accord, pl004gHebron mayor greeting pl004hforeign observers who will improve Palestinian security, demonstrations, Rabin and Arafat signing the Palestinian self-rule in Cairo and subsequent celebrations in Gaza, Israelis abandoning settlement, terrorism effects, Warren Christopher visit, Mohammad Abbas in 1985, Abou Sadok, and more. All described on reverse. N

Price: $1000.00

pl004i pl004j pl004k
pl011 French political poster for justice for Christian Riss. N

Price: $200.00

pl016Group of 16 French press photographs on political developments in Israel from 1976-1994.pl016a Shown are PLO unrest, Moshe Dayan with Cyrus Vance in 1978, terrorist attacks in 1980 showing the Mayor of Nablus in hospital after losing both legs, Shimon Peres with Mustapha Khalil in 1980, Greek catholic partiarch Lutfi Laham defying mounted Israelis police in 1990, military training, Israelis in support of the Madrid peace conference in 1991, making Syrian flags in Israel in advance of peace talks in 1991, Israel-Jordan peace accord in 1994, Peres receving the Nobel Peace prize, pl016bPalestinians demonstrating in support of Israel, more. Npl016c

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pl016e pl016f pl016g pl016h
pl017 Collection of 5 French press photos of Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, freed from an Israeli 12-year gunrunning sentence in 1977. All described. N

Price: $175.00

pl017b pl017c pl017d

Hohocust StudiesHohocust Studies


 Childrens book published in Israel about persecution of Jews in Russia. N

Price: $50.00

Jewish Life in Many LandsJewish Life in Many Lands


A complete set of 50 trade cards by the West London Synagogue in 1961 entitled Jewish Life in Many Lands.  All described on back

Price: $400.00