Palestine Pre-1948


Palestine Mandated Territory pavilion at the 1924 British Empire Exhibition. T

Price: $40.00



1948 Italian periodical featuring arabbi surrendering to arabs. T

Price: $70.00

Collection of 8 Italian periodicals with cover pages featuring the fighting in Palestine between arabs and jews and between the British and everyone. All from the 1930's. T

Price: $600.00

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Booklet entitled Juifs en Guerre


Booklet entitled Juifs en Guerre by J. Tchernowitz. Published by the Agence Juive Pour la Palestine Publications deu Beurau D'information, Jerusalem, 1945. One inch tear on cover, easily repaired

Price: $60.00

tre025 Spanish poster titled: The Taking of Jerusalem, The Holy City is Captured from the Turks. Text as well. Fold tears, easily repaired. Size 59x82cm.

Price: $200.00


Large fold out engraving of Jerusalem done in 1885.

Size: 37 x 105

Price: $300.00

pl021 Collection of 19 European confectionary cards on Israel and Palestine before or shortly after 1948. All described.

Price: $380.00


World War 1 in Palestine

World War 1 in Palestine

Complete album of 20 photos on World War 1 in Palestine. Shows Jerusalem, dead Turks and dead English at Kuweilfch, natives waiting for water, young turkish prisoner (15), interogating a turkish prisoner, graves of British soldiers at Mount Zion (by name), Jaffa, Beersheba Station, Er Ramleh, Beiten, underground chambers of a Crusader church, Tel Asur, hills around the Dead Sea with notation ''How did Johnny get driven off hills like these?''.  Each photo well described

Price: $350.00

jewish themes

jewish themes


Collection of 6 photographs issued before independence showing jewish themes: Jewish workers in Tel-Aviv, Pupil at Mikveh Israel, A Kvutzah Idyll, Chalutzim after the day's work, The Kvutzah watchman, Chalutz carrying home the fruit.  Photographed by J. Benor-Kalter, written in Hebrew on back.

Price: $180.00

thumb pl002 Original and complete issue of Le Rire, November 26, 1898, with cover lampooning the visit of Kaiser Wilhelm II to Turkey and Palestine. The entire issue is devoted to this subject, with many political cartoons. N

Price: $90.00

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