Persia, Iraq and Arabia



Collection of 4 photographic colonial-period postcards of Aden. T

Price: $100.00


Two satirical postcards of the Shah of Iran. One is Belgian and shows the Shah in front of a dressed-up Manequin Pis. The other is an Iranian postcard. T

Price: $80.00


Four illustrations of Aden and Hota, 1867-1875. T

Price: $150.00

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1885 double page fold-out illustration of muslim pilgrims from Persia on their way to the holy city of Meshed. T

Price: $70.00



1922 French cover illustration of the execution of rebels in Iran. T

Price: $60.00



Two French illustrations of Shah Mozaffer-Ed-Dine, 1896. T

Price: $110.00



Illustrations of the visit of the Shah of Iran to France in 1900. T

Price: $90.00

Collection of 12 illustrations of the visit of the Shah of Iran to England in 1873. T

Price: $480.00

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Large double page fold-out illustration titled ‘The Celebration of Victory’. T

Price: $60.00


Collection of 9 period illustrations from the British war in Persia in 1856. T

Price: $300.00

Note: The Anglo–Persian War lasted between November 1, 1856 and April 4, 1857, and was fought between Great Britain and Persia(which was at the time ruled by the Qajar dynasty). In the war, the British opposed an attempt by Persia to press its claim on the city of Herat.pr053a4pr053a6Though Herat had been part of Persia under the Qajar dynasty at the time the war broke out, it had declared itself independent under its own rebellious emir and placed itself under the protection of the British in India and in alliance with the Emirate of Kabul (the forebear of the modern state of Afghanistan). The British campaign was successfully conducted under the leadership of Major General Sir James Outram in two theatres—on the southern coast of Persia near Bushehr and in southern Mesopotamia. The war resulted in Persia withdrawing from Herat and signing a new treaty in which it surrendered its claims on the city, and the British withdrawing from southern Persia.

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