Ottoman Script



Complete run of 90 issues of Aydede in Ottoman script. T

Price: $2500.00

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RESIMLI PERSHEMBA (Turkiyenin en Mukemmel Mecmuasidir). Published 1925-1928 by Nebizade Hamdi Behced in Istanbul. 199 issues published in 4 volumes. Have volume 2, issues 53-104. (Note: I can find more of this over time).

Price: $2300.00

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MARIFET (Fenni ve Edebi Risale, Le Seul Revue Hebdomadaire Turco). Published 1898-1898 by Teodosya, in both French and Turkish. 16 issues in total. Complete except issue #1 is missing. .SOLD

Price: $1200.00

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HALKA DOGRU. Published 1913-1914 by Turk Yurdu, Celal Sahir in Istanbul. 52 issues in total. Complete.

Price: $3200.00

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GUNES (Sanat ve Edebiyat Mecmuasi). Published 1927-1927 (2nd period) by Orhan Seyfi Orhon in Istanbul. Issued twice monthly. Complete with all 17 issues present (but issues 1, 12, 15 are missing covers).

Price: $1150.00

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RESIMLI ISTANBUL (Siyasi Fenni Edebi). Published 1909 by Mustafa Refik in Istanbul. 25 weekly issues on literature and art. Complete except the cover of the first issue is missing. SOLD

Price: $1900.00

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ZEKA. Published 1912-1914. 16 issues were published. Bound volume of the first 14 issues.

Price: $900.00

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YILDIZ (Aile Magazin Dergisi). Published 1924-1926 by Sedat Simavi, Talat Midhat, Ercumend Ekrem Talu in Istanbul. Complete with all 17 issues present. SOLD

Price: $1500.00

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KELEBEK (Edebi Mizah Mecmuasi). Published 1923-1924 by Mahmud Esad, Ahmed Sefik in Istanbul. 77 issues published in two volumes. Complete with all 77 issues present. Some margin tape repairs.

Price: $3900.00

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Early 20th century map showing the distribution of Alawis and Bektasi in Turkey. Besim Atalay. Size 50x70cm. T

Price: $1200.00