Ottoman Script



Two very rare Ottoman script postcards showing the atrocities committed by the Bulgarians against the Turks. T

Price: $150.00



Anatolian map of mining. Size: 80 x 120cm. Scale: 1/500.000. T

Oil, lignite, iron, zinc, lead, gold, coal, chromium, copper, sulfur, rock salt etc. in Turkey. Geological map indicating the surface shapes formed by various geographical conditions with colors by ore deposits. Not dated but printed during the Ottoman Empire. T

Price: $300.00




Map of Istanbul done during the period of the second constitution. Size: 80 x 120cm. T

Prepared in 1908 by the library and printing house in the street of Bab-I Ali. A special map issued due to the declaration of Constitution. T

Price: $3000.00




Map, WW I, Africa. Size: 60 x 90cm. Scale: 1/60,000. T

Produced by the Kanaat Library. A map showing that Africa is shared by 6 states currently at war. T

Price: $600.00



Map, Republic of Turkey, Atatürk. Size: 100 x 190cm. T

Produced by M. Abdulkadir, who is in charge of education dormitories. The map shows access roads, railways, ports, forests, etc. Nice motif of Ataturk. No date but likely early 1920's.

Price: $600.00



Map, WW I, Africa. Size: 60 x 90cm. Scale: 1/60,000. T

Ptoduced by the Kanaat Library. It shows Africa as shared by the 6 states currently at war. Some staining.

Price: $400.00


Map, stone print, Military war, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania. Size: 105 x 110cm. T

Compiled in 1875 during the Balkan War, it contains work prepared in 1969 by the military officer of Erkan-ı harbiye and by the Austrian State Military Geography Society in 1869. The cloth-backed map comes with its original leather casing. It deals with Albania and Shkodra from a geographical and administrative point of view. 

Price: $3000.00

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RESIMLI PERSHEMBA (Turkiyenin en Mukemmel Mecmuasidir). Published 1925-1928 by Nebizade Hamdi Behced in Istanbul. 199 issues published in 4 volumes. Have volume 2, issues 53-104. (Note: I can find more of this over time).

Price: $2300.00

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Complete run of 90 issues of Aydede in Ottoman script. T

Price: $2500.00

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HALKA DOGRU. Published 1913-1914 by Turk Yurdu, Celal Sahir in Istanbul. 52 issues in total. Complete.

Price: $3200.00

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