Photos and Postcards

Collection of 20 postcards on ancient ruins of Ephesus and other Turkish-Aegean sites. Shows state of ruins before renovations. Early 20th century.

Price: $400.00

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Postcard of the Japanese delegation visiting Constantinople in 1906. Posted from Cairo. T

Price: $30.00



Collection of 7 Ottoman period postcards on Turkish royalty and military. T

Price: $200.00



Collection of 24 Ottoman period postcards on Types and Habits of Turks in Constantinople and Smyrne. T

Price: $800.00

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Collection of 4 vintage postcards on the Dardanelles campaign. T

Price: $180.00


Postcard of the Turkish pavilion, alongside the USA pavilion at the 1900 Universelle Exposition. T

Price: $25.00



1908 postcard of Pasha Hayati Hassid, “The Turkish Tom Thumb”. T

Price: $50.00

Collection of 37 Ottoman period postcards of view of Constantinople. Some obscure buildings identified. T

Price: $740.00

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Hungarian postcard of Zaro Aga, a 150 year old Turk. T

Price: $30.00



6 photos from 1929 of Smyrna and Alexandrette showing a siesta, Christian churches and moslem processions. T

Price: $100.00