Prints and Ephemera



Early Republic patriotic coffee house poster showing Ataturk. Size 41x57cm. Edge splits, fragile. Rare. T

Price: $350.00



Early Republic coffee house poster showing the Turkish Red Crescent responding to the earthquake in Erzincan in 1940. Size 41x57cm. Edge splits, fragile. Rare. T

Price: $350.00



1920’s manuscript music guide prepared as teaching instruction for Turkish students. The teacher chose the songs he/she wanted to teach in class. None of these songs are taught today. Written during the language transition period, so both Ottoman and modern Turkish text. Very beautiful and very rare. T

Price: $3500.00

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Small photo album (8x9.5cm) of Constantinople dated 1919. 12 photos, all captioned. T

Price: $220.00

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Photo of a Turkish jockey taken by the Royal Central Photo Company , High Street Salisbury. T

Price: $130.00



Sheet music Constantinople by M. Henry. 1928. T

Price: $120.00


The Italian participation at the 1939 Izmir International Fair. 61 pages in total with the current and historic state of Italian businesses in Izmir. Loaded with information on the Italian presence in Izmir in the 1920s and 1930’s.

Price: $120.00


Hitlers Last Hope, by Ernest Phillips. 1942. It discusses the role of Turkey in Hitlers dream to link Germany with Japan.

Price: $50.00


Set of 5 early French confectionary cards by Chocolate Guerin-Boutron on personalities of the late Ottoman period.

Price: $100.00


Complete 1897 issue of Soleil du Dimanche featuring the Turkish-Greek War, fighting at the Melouna Pass. Complete story inside.

Price: $90.00