Burma / Malaysia

br010 Two original photos from the Roman Catholic Mission of Upper Burma dated 1936.

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Beiden Urwaldzwergen von Malaya. Paul Schebesta. 1927.

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A collection of over 55 illustrations of 19th century Burma. Mostly from the period between the Second Anglo-Burmese War (1852-1853) and the Third Anglo-Burmese War (1885-1890). They are sourced from mostly obscure European periodicals including French (Le Monde Illustre, L’Illustration Journal Universel), English (London Illustrated News, The Graphic, The Navy and Army Illustrated), German (Uber land und Meer, Das Buch fur Alle, Illustirte Chronif der Zeit, Allgemeine Familien-Zeitung, Illustrirte Welt) and Italian (Giornale per Tutti, L’Universo Illustrato, L’Illustrazione Popolare, L’Illustrazione Universale, L’Illustrazione Italiana), as well as others. A nice collection for anyone studying 19th century Burma from the eyes of four major European powers.

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br006 Collection of 21 European confectionary cards on Malaysia and Singapore. Most have advertising/descriptions on back. N

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br007 Complete set of 25 Spanish cards by Chocolates Guillen entitled El Tigre de la Malasia. Issued in Barcelona early in the Franco regime. The story and advertising is shown on back. N

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military police officer based in Singapore in 1953military police officer based in Singapore in 1953

A collection of 13 photos from British military police officer based in Singapore in 1953. Military parades, medal of merit to the units interpreter named Rahim. Presentation before Major-General O'Carroll Scott. Photo of ship 'Marudu' which toured North Borneo from June-July, 1953.

Note: Major General Anthony Gerald O'Carroll Scott (1899-1980) was with the Royal Artillery and from 1951-1954 was the District Officer Commanding Singapore Base District

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br005 Early 20th century french childrens book entitled Prisonnier des etrangleurs. Story takes place in Malaysia.

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br003 Complete 1964 issue of Italian periodical 7 Anni di Guerra. This issue covers the Japanese conquest of Burma, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. Full of photographic images.

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Daphla Expedition of 1874Daphla Expedition of 1874Collection of period illustrations from European periodicals on the Daphla Expedition of 1874. Daphla (or Dafla or Duffla) Hills is a tract of hilly country on the border of Eastern Bengal and Assam which is occupied by an independent tribe called the Daphla. It lies to the north of the Tezpur and North Lakhimpur subdivisions, and is bounded on the west by the Aka Hills and on the east by the Abor range. Colonel Dalton, in The Ethnology of Bengal considers the Daphlas to be closely allied to the hill Miris, and they are akin to and intermarry with the Abors.  They have a reputation of cowardice, and as politically they are disunited, they are at the mercy of the Akas, their less numerous but more warlike neighbours to the west.  Their clothing is scanty, and its most distinguishing feature is a cane cap with a fringe of bearskin or feathers, which gives them a very curious appearance.  The men wear their hair in a plait, which is coiled into a ball on the forehead, to which they fasten their caps with a long skewer.

In 1872 a party of independent Daphlas suddenly attacked a colony of their own tribesmen, who had settled at Amtola in British territory, and carried away 44 captives to the hills.  This led to the Daphla Expedition of 1874, when a force of lobo troops released the prisoners and reduced the tribe to submission.  According to the census of 1901, the Daphlas in British territory numbered 954, the tribal country not being enumerated.

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the Manipour Disaster


A rare cover illustration from the May 3, 1891 issue of Le Petit Journal on the Manipour Disaster. Description inside

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