Complete album L’Asie by Chocolat Pupier. Done during the 1930’s and shows Mandcouhkouo, as well as Tibet, and colonies in South East Asia. Very rare to find this complete and in good condition as usually these albums are torn apart and the cards sold separately.

Price: $600.00

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French sticker album Voyage Autour du Monde AsieFrench sticker album Voyage Autour du Monde Asie


French sticker album Voyage Autour du Monde Asie, by Choclate Casino. All 250 stickers present. Covers all regions of Asia as well as Middle East. Well described. 1950's. Condition poor

Price: $200.00

Indian TemplesIndian Temples


A complete collection of 6 trade cards by Belgian Liebig, but published in Italy, on Indian Temples. Interesting in that the title should read Hindu temples as the set covers Siam, Java and Cambodia as well. Descriptions and adverts on back

Price: $90.00

album Vision de Asiaalbum Vision de Asia


COMPLETE 202 chromo album Vision de Asia by Spanish company Chocolates Torras. Slight damage where some cards may have been stuck to each other but nothing serious. In a few places the owner could have done a better job laying the cards down. But some great images of Asia and some great themes (like martyrdom in Japan for instance).

Price: $250.00

album Mit Reichelt Um Die Weltalbum Mit Reichelt Um Die Welt

German album Mit Reichelt Um Die Welt....Asien. By Otto Reichelt GMH, undated, but circa 1930’s. Complete album of 144 cards laid down, on Asia. A number of unusual images. Owner made pencil notations beside a number of cards, which I have not erased. Cover shows normal wear, with a penmark on front, and spine is torn away for about half an inch. Otherwise very good condition and complete.

Price: $430.00

Asian Wild Life by Brooke BondAsian Wild Life by Brooke Bond


UK tea card album Asian Wild Life by Brooke Bond, c1960. All 50 cards present. Very good condition.

Price: $50.00

foreign posessions in the far east

YENI OKYANUSYA (New Oceania) Shows foreign possessions by USA, France, Germany, Holland, UK. T

Prepared by: "Osmanli Piyade Zabitani" which means " Ottoman Infantary Officer" Dated Circa 1912.

Size: 50 x 68 cm. Scale: 1:25000000

Price: $400.00

Sacred AnimalsSacred Animals


A complete set of 6 trade cards by Belgian Liebig on Sacred Animals. Issued in 1922

Price: $80.00

The Veneration of AnimalsThe Veneration of Animals


A complete set of 6 trade cards by Belgian Liebig on The Veneration of Animals. Issued in 1912

Price: $80.00

obituary cardsobituary cards

A large collection of European obituary cards and assignment notices of missionaries working in South-East Asia. Main locations are Philippines, Indonesia and Pacific Islands. Loads of information useful for research. Contact us for availability