Collection of 27 original stereoview photos taken by Doctor Charlet in Indochina between 1906-1910. All 27 are captioned. Included is the original box and stereoviewer used by Charlet. The slides are titled: 01) Le Cordonnier, 02) Enfants au coin de la rue 3) Le Graveur de Bol 4) Salutations 5) tonkin - le Torrent 6) Idole dans le Temple 7) Idole dans le Temple 8) Idole dans le Temple 9) Tonkin - le Jardin 10) Riviere a Saigon - Baigneurs 11) Haiphong- Groupe de porteurs assis 12) Scene de marche 13) Groupe d'hommes semi nus saluant 14) Embarquement du charbon a Hong Kong - les Porteurs 15) Haiphong embarcation royale - la Barque 16) Temple, Tonkin - Statues 17) Village Annamite - Maisons 18) Shanghai - Rue animee 19) Affiche Lion, Lionne 20) Saigon, 1910 - la Fontaine 21) Marche, Saigon - M. le Docteur Charlet dans le marche 22) Meule a grains 23) Fete annamite- chars dans la rue 24) M.le Docteur Charlet a velo 25) Saigon, 1906 - M. le Docteur Charlet a sa porte 26) Saigon, 1906 - M. le Docteur Charlet posant avec des militaires 27) M. le Docteur Charlet a velo . T

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Commemorative book on the Regiment D’Infanterie Coloniale du Maroc (RICM) commemorating their fighting in Indochina in 1954. It belonged to Lieutenant Colonel Thiers, Commandant of the RICM and it was a gift from him to the Chief of the Batallion. The cover of the album and the map inside are hand painted manuscripts. The photos are original. A very rare piece. T

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Rare childrens game Jeu De L'Oie, Le riz de L'Indochine, by Chocalatier Félix Potin. Size: 39 x 60cm.

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fa094kfa094lPhoto album and personal papers belonging to a French soldier named Aime Anezin. He served in both French Equatorial Africa during the Vichy regime and after the war in Indochina. The album begins on April 10, 1942, with Anezin leaving Marseille and passing Oran and Casablanca before reaching Dakar on the 28th. Rare photo of the Richelieu, which had withstood an attack by the British almost 2 years earlier while in the port of Dakar. Nice photos of life in Dakar, the Richelieu, embarking at Tabou, visiting Port Bouet in Cote d’Ivor and Lome in Togo. Local women boarding the “Jamaica” en route for Cotonou, Dahomey. Staying in Sare, Kandy and Malmanville in Dahomey before reaching Gay in Niger. Nice photos of Niamey, Niger. fa094mfa094nCelebrations in Niamey on July 11 following the ending of Vichy control of French West Africa. Anezin remains in Niamey through 1943 and takes numerous photos of life there. In 1946 he is transferred to Saigon. Photos of noteable local dignitaries and French military. Photos of Cap Saint Jacques, Haiphong, Hanoi. In 1948 he is in Nghia-Lo and then in Dien Bien Phu, 6 years before it became a fortified outpost. Interesting large photo of Thai partisans, a casement, Meoy partisans, local life, vetinerian visiting village, military post at Nghialo, military cemetery at Sonla, military post at Phong Lho, local dance and mandarin of Phong Lho, “white” Thais, and much more. Over 220 phots and several documents on Anezins military record. Well captioned with solid photographs.

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t-sea122t-sea122aSmall archive belonging to a French marine Monsieur Des Brosses, who served in Indochina after World War 2 with the 9th Division D’Infanterie Coloniale. The documents date from 1945-1947. Included is a beautifully illustrated unit citation, his written account of his journey from October 30 to November 2, 1945 to port, some of his patriotic artwork, hymn of the Marine Infantry, some newspaper clippings, briefing document from the Commanding General in Saigon, November 2, 1945 on the situation in Indochina, other military communications, several periodicals specifically for French forces in Indochina (ie Caravelle, Extreme Orient), Divisional bulletin on the operations in Indochina. N

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French sheet music titled Petite Tonkinoise, by V. Scotto & Christine, 1906. Seperating on left side and some margin tears.

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t-sea112t-sea112aWell captioned photo album of a French families sojurn through Laos, Vietnam and Siam 1926-1929. Shown are Luong Prabang, Houei-Sai, the Mekong, Saigon, Hanoi, Phu-Ho, Hongay, Doson, Vinh-Yen, Quang-Ngai, Song Tia, Pnomh-Penh, Anghor and Hue Approximately 60 of the photos at the end are of travels in Europe in 1931-1932. 154 photos in all. An interesting view of French Indochina from the perspective of French civilians. N

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t-sea111t-sea111aProfessional photo album of Hue, Yunnanfou and Chapa. 46 photos of Hue, 36 photos of Yunnanfou, and 35 photos of Chapa. Many cultural images, very well captioned. Photos range in size from 11x6.5cm and 18x23.5cm. Total of 117 photos. Done in the 1930’s and produced in Haiphong.

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t-sea110t-sea110aProfessional photo album of Cambodia and Vietnam. Professional photos, well captioned. 80 photos of Angkor and 70 photos of Baie d’Along. Done in the 1930’s and produced in Haiphong. Photos range in size from 11x6.5cm and 18x23.5cm. 150 photos in total.

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t-sea109t-sea109aManuscript journal of Dr. J. Battarel who was a doctor with the French Marines in Indochina in 1897. He makes regular reports on medical conditions among the French Trailleurs in various named posts throughout the country. He talks about the conditions of the troops, the quality of the water, the sanitary situation, vaccinations, illnesses, etc. He follows the same reporting procedures at each post. He visits the same four posts every trimester and writes his overall conclusion. He then repeats this for the third and fourth trimester of 1897. He moves on to review other posts later on and takes detailed notes and constructs tables of his findings. He gives a thorough report of the condition of troops of the batteries and artillery in Hanoi in 1896. He talks of the level of discipline, food, latrines, wash areas, kitchens, conditions of the infirmaries and sick. Remarkably, he notes in detail the condition of 7 specific soldiers by name and rank, some of whom died and he reports on the autopsy findings. There are 117 pages of writing, as well as 4 photos. The journal is 21x31cm. A remarkable find. N SOLD

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