Oceania / Australasia

t-seapc043 Spanish comic book El Padre Damian, by Vidas Ejemplares, 1963. N

Price: $70.00

t-seapc037 Collection of 25 chromo cards on Oceania by Chocolats Casino. Captions on reverse.

Price: $50.00

t-seapc035 1971 Spanish comic book entitled MAORI. It is part of the Roberto Alcazar y Pedrin series.

Price: $30.00

t-seapc034 Collection of 9 Canadian and European trade cards on the ANZACS. Descriptions on reverse. Mostly showing VC recipients. Shown are Major W.T. Hardham, Sergeant W. H. Kibby, Private P.E. Gratwick, Private J.H. Gordon, C. H. Upham, Lieutenant, Koana-Nui-A-Kiwa Ngarimu, Sergeant K. Elliott.

Price: $180.00

t-seapc033 Collection of 14 different European trade cards on New Zealand and Maoris. All are described and/or advertised on back.

Price: $280.00

t-seapc032 Collection of 14 stickers by Nestle in France showing Pacific Islanders, their habits and dwellings.

Price: $80.00

t-seapc031 Five cards by Churchman’s Cigarettes entitled Curious Dwellings. This lot shows Oceania and was made in 1926.

Price: $100.00

t-seapc030 Collection of 6 warrior cards by UK Thompson featuring Pacific Islanders.

Price: $100.00

t-seapc029 Receipt for donation for the construction of the Missionary Packet, Morning Star. Dated 1856, the ship was launched in 1857 and was used to spread the Gospel in Micronesia. Unusual in that it is also a certificate for 21 shares. Issued by the American Board of Commissions for Foreign Missions.

Price: $90.00

t-seapc028 Four illustrated postcards of St. Pierre Chanel, first missionary of Futuna.

Price: $100.00