Diary of a cavalry soldier in the early US occupation of the Philippines. It starts in December 1905 to August and then a short part of 1906 and 1908. The diary was written by Walter Neal Durbin and shows his personal feelings of what was happening around him. Some drawings of maps and other side notes in the back. Roughly 30 manuscript pages. Condition is poor but still very clear. Some pages removed but appear to have been blank. Some pages or loose but still in the diary. Size 6" X 3 1/2".

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This is a group of seven, very detailed letters, totaling forty-eight hand-written letters from Albert C. to his brother or friend Benny. The soldier seems to be regular army, with regular duties and his letters go into great detail of his service in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. Three of the letters have datelines of: Bigas Bridge, Philippines Islands. He also talks about Luzon in the 4th letter and the 5th letter has a dateline of Manila, P.I. The sixth letter, is 8 pages long and has a dateline of: "US Transport Sheridan, 3 days out of Yokohama, August 27, 1899 where a mass brawl broke out on the ship when he is pushed! The last letter is from the Presido, San Francisco, California, Sept 16, 1899. The scans only show 1st page of each letter. N

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Scrapbook belonging to “Claude Whismall - G.D. 20th US Inft. - Manila P.I. - Aug. 14th 1899 - Santa Cruz Police Station". It measures approx. 6" x 8.5" x 1", and includes 39 original photographs of military content from the Philippines, along with ephemera such as postage stamps for Hawaii and Porto Rico, news clipping, baseball team pictures, 2nd US Army Corp pass, vicorian trade cards on the Philippines, his handwritten service record and more. The album is in good solid condition with some typical wear and yellow and separated spine cover. N

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t-sea144t-sea144aThis appears to be an official photo album of the 45th Infantry Regiment was the property of Dr. Charles P. St. John, the medical doctor for the regiment. There is a front piece giving the history of the regiment which was raised in 1899 to fight in the Philippines. The album consists of 194 original photographs of both military and civilian subjects taken during the Philippine American War 1899-1902. Most have captions, a few of the photos are loose. The album traces the history of the regiment, from being raised at Fort Snelling, to disembarking from San Francisco, some fantastic shots of the unit in Hawaii, excellent photos of Manilla, insurgents breastworks, artillery, skirmishing, firing at the enemy, wounded, war dead after the battle, breastworks, panorama of Niac, 11th Cavalry, General Bates at Caceres, Spanish prisoners liberated at Iriga, t-sea144a1t-sea144a2confiscated hemp, interior of a Philippine theatre, Astor Battery drawn by caraboo, shipping cattle to Manila, a town in ruins from the insurrection, native band at Indan, cock fighting, burning charcoal, making salt, native carpenters, showing location where the company was ambushed, many photos and all stages of hemp production,Camp Wallace, funeral procession, fortifications at Cavite, President McKinley congratulating the 45th and 46th regiments, several photos of Dr. St. John, Teatro Aquinaldo, several identified officers, funeral of a rich native, hospital interior. Also in the back are some newspaper clippings and assorted printed photos. A real bonus is the complete program for a Farewell Expression of Appreciation to the officers of the 45th Regiment. The photographer used a very good camera so the images are crisp. This is the definitive photo record of the 45th regiment in the Philippines. Album is complete in every respect, due to weight there is a split in the middle. N

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t-sea143t-sea143aDisbound photo album from a soldier with Company B of the 43 Infantry Regiment. The title reads “Around the World in the US Army”. There are 180 photos in the album. All the photos are glued to the pages and nearly all the photos have a unique hand written description of the photo below each photo. Most likely the album was made by the man in the first photo. You can see him again with the caption saying he had been shot. I believe the only action the 43rd encountered was at Jaro and there are photos depicting the action around Jaro. There are also some photos outside the Philippines and depict travel thru Singapore, Suez Canal, Buffalo NY (for the Pan American Expo), Kansas City, Rocky Mountains and San Francisco. In some of these photos caskets are shown being unloaded from a train. t-sea143a1t-sea143a2These are unique non-commercial photos, somewhat faded but a fine showing of the aftermath of the battle of Jaro. N

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Note: April 15, 1900: Battle of Jaro, Leyte The American barracks at Jaro, Leyte, occupied by a detachment of Company B, 43rd Infantry Regiment of U.S. Volunteers, was attacked at 4:00 a.m. by about 1,000 Filipino guerillas. The detachment commander was 2Lt. Charles C. Estes. The Company Commander was Capt. Linwood E. Hanson.

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t-sea142t-sea142aWorld War ll photo album belonging to Corporal Frederick L Gray who was stationed at Camp John Hay in Manila, Philippines from 1945 to 1946. Corpral Gray was from Canton, Oklahoma. The album contains 236 photos. 180 military and 56 civilian. The photos are NOT glued. There are many photographs of Manila showing the destruction of the city, street scenes, watching local weavers, the Roosevelt club, local markets, Fort Drum, named buildings, bars on Escolta Avenue, President Roxas, Quezon Blvd., Filipinos on parade with identified guerilla groups, army scenes, dead Japanese & Filipino soldiers, sunken Japanese ships, General McArthur,t-sea142a1t-sea142a2 Manila military parades, 86th Infantry Division on parade, clearing debris from tunnels. The photos have very good clarity and contrast. There are some photos of his postwar life in Canton at the back of the album after he returned home. Also included are 7 letters to and from him. In one he writes “You speak of the habits of the natives here. Don’t kid yourself. These people are a whole lot smarter than more Americans. Furthermore, they have higher Ideals and Moral standards in many respects. Also they are polite and courteous.”. There is a letter from a distressed mother from Oklahoma asking him to find her sons personal belongings, who died on Carregador and she gives some detail about what happened to him in the Philippines. 1945 - 1946 Manilla newspapers include the Daily Pacifican, Free Philippines, The Evening News as well as a 1946 Philippine language periodical Liwayway. The album is in poor condition as the pages are the brittle black material but the photos are all tipped in so no damage to the photos themselves. The front cover board is detached. Most pages are loose. N

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t-sea138t-sea138aIowa photo album Spanish Philippine American war 1898.

These are 9 original 1898 era photos in an album from the Philippines during the Spanish/Philippine American War period. This album belonged to Oren Eldon Patterson, a soldier in the regiment and his name is on the cover. Additional writing is on the inside cover. The photos show soldiers of the 51st Iowa regiment while they were stationed in San Francisco while en route to the Philippines. The 51st Iowa served with distinction during the war. One interesting photo shows the 51st Iowa band waiting to board the transport "City of Puebla". Other photos show soldiers in Golden Gate Park, lined up, posing for photos, carrying rifles, and a stack of cannonballs. They are actual photos printed on a thin glossy finish (albumen style?) paper and mounted into a photo album. The photos were sold to US soldiers. They are on both sides of the album pages. The photos range in size from app. 2" x 3-1/2" to app. 3-1/4" x 3-1/4". The album measures app 4-1/2" x 4-3/4". The album pages have come loose from the album. The photos are in excellent condition with very minor wear. The cover pages have some minor staining which does not detract. N

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Set of 12 postcards published for the 1929 Missionary Exhibition in Barcelona. The subjects is the Martyrs of Sante Fe, Philippines. Shown are Antonio de Santiago (Bulacan 1715), Lorenzo Gomez (Ilocos 1725) and Antonio Guemez (Bulacan 1731). Beautiful artwork. Rare and still in accordion format. N

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1885 Spanish military document written in Manilla. 

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What Lies Ahead for the Philippines, by the American Historical Association, 1945.

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