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Rare 1929 issue of Turkish journal Akbaba featuring Pakistan and England strangling Afghanistan. Repaired. T

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Archive of correspondence from an English gentleman named Richard Aelwyn Ellis Williams of the Indian Civil Service. It includes a diary and two boxes of correspondence. The dairy begins at Tillbury November 13, t-sape047a1925 when he began his career in the Indian Civil Service and ends on December 4, 1925 at Bombay. It includes an appendix at the end concerning writing journals and other things. Nice handwritten maps of India as well. The diary is 108 legal sized pages of text. There are many letters (many with covers) to his wife/fiancée, Fay Boylan, in 1932-1935 from Arrah, Patna, Sambalpur and Sasaram, India. He signs his letters as either Dick or Ellis. There are also letters from him in India to others in India, his new wife, Mrs. R.A.E. Williams at the Medical College Hospital in Bankepore and later in Collector’s House at Arrah. t-sape047bThere is also a considerable number of letters from his father in the 19th century, in Welsh. There are also some letters to Williams and his wife in the 1950’s. The bulk of the correspondence…well over 100 letters, are to his fiancé while posted in India. An excellent opportunity for research. T

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Note: Richard Williams was the son of Reverend Richard Ellis Williams of Aberystwyth. Fay Muriel Boylan was the daughter of John Dun Boylan of Miller’s Meadow, Benenden, Kent. In 1925 Ellis was appointed to the Indian Civil Service. During WW2 he was Commerce and Revenue Secretary to the Government of Bihar and at wars end he was Chief Secretary to the Government of Orissa.


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1930’s - 1945 archive of notes and correspondence about trade in imports from Southern India Cochin and Ceylon from the firm Volkart Brothers. There is much detail on tests and their findings, export and import activity for a viariety of products. Correspondence is from both Switzerlan as well as the Sub-Continent. A great deal of detail on the intricacies of trade from the Sub-Continent to Europe, analsysis of post-war demand as well as correspondence during the war. Includes analysis and recommendations to Head Office in Switzerland from India, much more. Tt-sape046bt-sape046c

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Note: The firm of Volkart Brothers was founded in 1851 at Winterthur, Switzerland, and. Bombay, India, by the brothers S. Volkart and J. G. Volkart. The intention of the brothers was to establish direct commercial relations between India and the continent of Europe. At the outset the firms business was confined to the import of raw cotton and the export of manufactured goods to the Indies. On the 1st October, 1857, a branch office was opened at Colombo. Its business activity embraced the export of coconut oil, coffee, cinnamon, cotton and pearls. This was later extended to all forms of Ceylon produce and a large Agency business for shipping and insurance. As their tokens indicate, they established two oil mills, one at Grandpass and the other at Maradana. In later years the Maradana mills were moved to Mutwal.

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t-sape045 Collection of 32 letters from World War 2 Italian POW Captain Ferrari Fortunato to his wife Anita who lived in Parma. The first two letters are from his internment in Egypt and the remaining 30 are from his confinement in Bombay. POW letter collections from one soldier are difficult to find. N

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pr049 Childs work book. N

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t-sape044 French version of American sheet music Hindustan Fox-Trot. Oliver Wallace and Harold Weeks. 1918.

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t-ww115t-ww115aThis is the service record WWII diary of Oren P. Oakwood of Ohio. It details almost the entire year of 1945 (month of December is blank as he has returned back home the USA) and he is stationed at a military camp near Dibrugarh India. His on line enlistment record states that he lived in Bucyrus Ohio, born in 1910 and enlisted on May 22nd, 1943 and served the duration of the war plus 6 months. He was a machinist. His father was Nicholas and his mother was Augusts. He had a younger sister named Wanda and a young brother named Clarence. Sadly on January 21st 1945 his father dies and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get a furlough to go back home. He’s in India until a few months after the war ends and boards a ship heading for the states in the fall of this year. This diary gives the reader a fascinating look at life for an American soldier while stationed in India during the World War 2.

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t-sape042 Indian magazine from 1955. Good condition.

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t-sape039 American Geographical Society Afganistand the Himalayan States. By Patricia and Robert C. Kingsbury, 1960. All stamps are present. Covers Pakistan Frontier States, Kashmir, Himalaya Punjab, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Assam Himalaya and Afghanistan.

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t-sape038 Ceylon and its People. Published specially for and issued free to all Ranks and Ratings of the fighting Services in Ceylon. Dated 1942, during the War. 48 pages and map still intact.

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