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t-pa023 Set of 5 French confectionary cards by Eau des Carmes Boyer, 1889, called Negroes. T

Price: $200.00

Africana. Opera em 5 Acts


A Africana. A 5 part opera. Eugenio Scribe, M. Marello, G. Meyerbeer. Lisbon, 1869. 99 pages, complete.

Price: $120.00

t-pa022 Complete set of 6 Liebig cards printed in 1888 entitled The Negro and Liebig. Some damage on back but clean fronts.

Price: $250.00

t-pa019 Early dutch chromo card titlted “Amerikaansche negers” by Van Leckwyck & Co.

Price: $40.00

t-pa010 Full page illustration entitled “Camp Life Among the Federal Troops in South Carolina”. Taken from the February 22, 1862 issued of Illustrated Times.

Price: $40.00

t-pa009 Illustration of noted American author Ellen Craft, with complete text, from the April 10, 1851 issue of the Illustrated London News. Also on the same page is a scene from “The Negro Festival” performed at the Olympic Theatre.

Price: $40.00

t-pa008 Illustration of Philadelphia author Mary Webb reading Uncle Toms Cabin in London. Complete text. Taken from the August 2, 1856 issue of Illustrated London News.

Price: $40.00

t-pa003 Illustration of the Beni Zoug-Zoug Troupe of Acrobats (English boys rescued from slavery). Taken from the December 17, 1881 issue of The Graphic.

Price: $90.00

t-pa001 Illustration and partial text of Ira Eldridge, as Othello, from the July 3, 1858 Illustrated London News.

Price: $60.00

t-peh169 An 1872 UK illustration entitled 'The Horse Car at Wimbledon'. Measures 40x60cm

Price: $90.00