The Americas

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This region covers the entire Western Hemisphere. The General section includes collections that span much or all of the region and some of the items may be replicated in a sub-region because of their particular emphasis. The Canada and Arctic sub-region focuses on European popular culture from the early-to-mid 20th century. Western Americana is a sub-region that also includes earlier Americana in general and there are numerous collections of European popular culture on this theme. The section on Mexico and Central America covers all countries down to Panama. For the Andean countries you will find Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The Southern Cone includes Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina. Due to the amount of material, Cuba is shown as a separate country. The Guyanas, along with all the islands in the Caribbean (except Cuba), are listed under the Caribbean. Collections relating to the African Diaspora throughout the Americas are shown under African Diaspora. Lastly, there are various European collections on explorers, with emphasis on Spanish material relating to Columbus