August 26, 1926 issue of Le Pelerin with center illustration on vaccinations in Haiti. T

Price: 80.00



19th century Puck illustration satirizing the Congress of Religions. Shows Colored Methodist. Minor fold damage in one spot. Size 36x53cm.  SOLD

Price: $70.00



Rare complete set of 6 Liebig cards produced in 1888 titled "The Negro and the Theft of Liebig".

Price: $250.00



Collection of 10 early 20th century postcards on Surinam.

Price: 300.00



Complete issue of La Republique Illustree dated September 14, 1889, featuring General Hyppolite on the cover (president of Haiti), complete story inside.

Price: 70.00



Rare photo of Jamaican idols, photographed in 1937. Captioned on reverse. Size 6x8cm.  SOLD

Price: 60.00


Complete May 10, 1868 issue of L’Eclipse featurning Victor Cochinat. N

Price: $110.00

Note: Victor Cochinat, whose real name Jean-Baptiste Thomas, was born in 1819 in Saint-Pierre (Martinique). He was a lawyer and judge in Martinique, was transferred to France in 1850, and served as Secretary to Alexandre Dumas. He began a career in journalism, working for the Musketeer (the newspaper of Alexandre Dumas) and Figaro. He died in 1886

t-cep136t-cep136aComplete collection of 10 large format photographs on postcard stock of the Guyane Expedition – Tumuc – Humac by photographer Dominic Darbois (1925-2014). Taken during the scientific expedition by Francis Maziere in 1952. Shows topography and Types in both Brazil and French Guyana. N

Price: 300.00

t-cep134Rare original Davison’s ‘Cheap Prints’, produced in Alnwick, England between 1812-1817. Popular in London in the early 19th century, these prints were usually pasted on walls, and are therefore rare as such. Issued in black and white, this specimen has contemporary coloring. This specimen, of unknown title and not listed in the list of 53 known Davison caricatures, shows a highland Scottish soldier next to a Carib indian. The appearance of sugar cane suggests that the setting is Jamaica. N

Price: 150.00

Note: William Davison (1781–1858) was born in Alnwick. He was a pharmacist, apothecary, printer, engraver/etcher, bookseller, stationer, publisher, bookbinder, librarian/owner of a circulating library, and stereotyper/stereotype founder. His main employment became printing/publishing but he was always dedicated to social reform through education.

t-cep128 t-cep128a t-cep128b

Collection of 15 vintage French postcards of Martinique, shortly before and after the 1902 earthquake. N

Price: 375.00